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Thread: Red bumps in and around armpits, have pics to show

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    yes, i've been having the same problem too. i went to the doctor two different times, and they gave me an anti-biotic and did not really seem like they knew. it's not my deodorant because i even tried spray deodorant for a while. i get them around my underarms and around my breasts, i also noticed a cluster on my leg for the first time. please let us know what you find out.

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    Dude, you explained my symptoms EXACTLY. Seriously it was scary how accurate your symptoms are to mine. Let me know if there have been any updates. Mine is getting quite worse, worse its ever been. It usually was only a couple of bumps, not it's all over my arm pit. I guess I am making it seem more serious than it might be, but its more than just the two or three bumps I am used to.

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    So an update:

    After changing deodorants, I didn't see any immediate change. Over a little time, The bumps seemed to go away, however, they have recently returned. They seem to have returned right after going on a jog. I cam home, and didn't shower immediately like I normally do, since my underarms seem to be so sensitive. The next day, I had 3 bumps under my left armpit. What bothers me, is that there is no outbreak in my actual armpit, but underneath where the hair is, along the top of my ribs.

    So maybe the blue dye in the deodorant was causing problems, but apparently is the not the root of the problem. I plan on scheduling another dermatologist visit, with a new one this time, and hopefully they can point me in the right direction.

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    I to have red bumps under my armpit but only on my right side. I have always used the clear gel deorderant. I to was told it's because of that but after not using Deorderant for prolly a month now nothing has got better or worse.. Itchy here and there but not often. Thxs for posting and would gladly appreciate your response after your next visit...

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    Could be heat rash: What Is Heat Rash? What Causes Heat Rash?

    But you really need to get this diagnosed by a doc!

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    is there any update?

    Ive been suffering from this since march 2011 and ive been to doctor 4 times and each time they have given me a different cream. we believe its not to do with deodrant and being hot as the rash disappeared when i went on holiday and when i stopped the deodrant, changed it and then went back to the one i always used and there was no change. I have now know idea what it is, and reluctant to go back to the doctor as they keep fobbing me off with creams that make no difference and the last one actually aggrivated it and made it worse.

    anyone got any ideas, or solutions to get rid of the irritating rash?

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    I wouldnt visit the same dr 4 times over the same thing! All he'll be doing is to try new things rather than diagnose!
    Visit a second and third dr!

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    I have been, ive never seen the same doctor twice.

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    I've got the same bumps under my left armpit (well, right below it) I'm pretty sure it's because I switched from Sauve basic, powder, deodorant to Dove ultimate go fresh plum & sakura blossom scent. I've never used it before and have never had these bumps that look like little red zits before. Sometimes they're itchy, sometimes they're sore to the touch. Glad this forum is here and really glad I just insurance for myself! Thanks for all the advice.

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    So a final update. I visited another dermatologist, originally they prescribed a mild steroid topical. Shortly after my visit they phoned me back after they received my test back, and said it was staph infection. They prescribed me cephalexin to take 4 times a day for a week and a half.

    After taking it, the bumps did go away, but a month later a couple showed up again. Not nearly as drastic as before or as large, and when I visited the doctor about those, they said not to worry as they are most likely irritated folicles but to keep an eye on them.

    So in the end, I changed to deodorants, used a mild steroid topical cream, and was put on antibiotics. I'm not sure if it really was staph, because a skin swab will generally turn up with a staph result, as staph is everywhere. I still get a couple bumps every now and then, but they rarely grow, or get irritated, and disappear shortly. Hope this has helped some of you and good luck with this pesky problem!

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