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Thread: Black people, what has worked to make your hair grow longer?

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    every body's hair is different and you need to treat your hair with what it needs... the fist thing is nutrients

    a healthy balanced diet and loads of water. make sure you are getting enough protein because your body breaks these down, uses what it needs and then passes out what it doesnt need as hair and nails etc...

    to maximise your is what you put inside you e.g food nutrients not what you put on your hair...

    once your hair grows out its all about maintaining it and retaiing length.
    things like relaxing your hair make your hair technically weaker no matter what anyone tells you...also...they are caustic products with high pH so basically they are not healthy for the scalp and are probably (don't quote me on this) the no1 cause of alopecia amongst black women....protein treatments only fill the gaps within hair that have been damaged by the process temporarily and dont last so have to be done consistently if you choose to relax or colour on the regular however...

    next ask yourself if you are on any kind of medications (pill etc) do you have an illness which could lead to hair loss or medications which could do the same.

    if not then you can consider what kind of maintanaince routine to provide for you hair.

    you need to realise that andre's typing system is kinda silly....every one's hair is different so something that works for lets say a 4a type given you are the same is not a guarrantee that it will work for you

    what you need to take into account is
    1. is your hair fine (the diameter of each strand)
    2. how porous is your hair (it lets water in easily and it dries very quickly)
    3. does it have chemical treatments in it (relaxer, color etc)
    4. do you use heat in your hair and when you are using it what kind of methods do you use.

    this link would elaborate on each point she has amaizing advice on hair don't be intimidated by the fact that its coming from a white really knows her stuff lol...i will however say...ive only read what she has on her blog and website...she has an ebook but i have not read it...

    Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics do you style your?

    for us low maintainance and protective styles are the golden combination. here's the lowdown...
    when styling it is easiest to work with hair when it is sectioned off e.g. when you are washing it, conditioning it. this also means you do a more sufficient job, im mostly natural so my washings are always done like this....never ever like a herbal essence add lol. terms of detangling i find it is easiest to do it with conditioner in my hair. i section my hair into eight and then take the first section and let the shower water through it like im washing out conditioner and then detangle whilst my hair is this is so much easier for me...

    now...i cant stop you from using heat lol....but ive found that my hair has become so much healthier (the hair that grows out) when i airdry....ofcourse its much easier when you are natural (mostly lol). keeping heat to a minimum is an absolute must and using very good heat protectants when you do use heat aswell....

    the last and most important point probably is to maintain the health of the cuticles. a balanced shampoo and condish and any other styling products....optimum pH of these is 4.5 - 5.5. ACV rinses are good aswell as last step in your wash routine (only if the ACV solution is made up to be acidic within a >4 yet <5.5 solution) im not sure what kinda ratio you would need for this but i guess its prob just getting a leave in conditioner with a acidic pH.

    okay i know im dragging along and waffling...but it is fundamentally important to know that cowashing is really not that good..conditioning agents build up on hair over time and cause more problems than you need. washing ofcourse is meant to clean so the 'stripping' action is not a bad thing. the conditioner you must after will give your hair back what the shampoo took out...but it is important to make sure you are not getting any build up...same goes for silicones...

    also...don't fall into the my hair should grow 6 inches per year trap. it is an average based on loads of experiments conducted mostly on caucasian people. some articles i was reading on google scholar on human hair growth suggest that ours grows on average at a slower rate. my hair grows just 4-5 inches per year, 5 being max when im doing the hard work lol
    i hope that was helpful and not waffly hahahaha....give me a shout if you have any questions or anything...hope i was helpful !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J30303 View Post
    I am mainly a coily 4a with a section of larger 3c curls (in the back) and 4b (in the top).
    Still, I am very surprised and saddened to hear that you've never seen a long haired 4b.
    So here are two examples on YT of very beautiful kinky long hair (there are loads of examples on LHCF):



    Unfortunately, I cannot post links yet

    Btw, 3C hair can be every bit as challenging to grow long as well. My daughter has very dry and course 3b/3c sized curls (not silky) that took ages to get to waist length before I learned what her hair needed to thrive . Whereas my bbf's daughter has 4b hair and was waist length much quicker. Technique is everything in most cases when it comes to growing long afro hair no matter what the curl size IMO.
    omg....sera2544's hair is jealous lol...

    i have also possible inspirations

    nina pruitt
    YouTube - &#x202a;ninapruitt&#39;s Channel&#x202c;&rlm;
    YouTube - &#x202a;kimmaytube&#39;s Channel&#x202c;&rlm;
    longhairdontcare2011.....droolworthy lol
    YouTube - &#x202a;Longhairdontcare2011&#39;s Channel&#x202c;&rlm;
    haircrush....extra drool lol
    YouTube - &#x202a;HairCrush&#39;s Channel&#x202c;&rlm;

    its not about...she's 3c...4a, b, c,d....zzz....yyyy...but what your hair needs hehe...the typing system could not possibly group millions of black woman into these categories that andre suggests...
    im between apl and hair type is 4a/4b....mostly 4b....but that i find isnt really any hair however is finer at the front, mostly coarse everywhere else and porous lol....the cold irish weather is of no help either lol

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    Protective style and no heat. And keep it moisturized

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    also... It takes discipline... Growing long hair for any race takes discipline

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    My hair grew a lot one summer when I was just leaving it in a bun. I would wash, condition, add a leave-in conditioner, and throw it up in a bun and just forget about about it til my next wash. No deep conditioning, no styling, no nothing. It's boring but I think the hair just likes to be left alone.

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    First, listen to your hair and what's its needs

    As far as vitamins that I have tried and know it works but, kinda of pricy is &quot;Hairfinity&quot; look their reviews.It worked best for me when I had a healthy diet. But, remember its all about body chemistry and genetics how people take products.

    Protective styling----> Braids, buns, wigs, extentions(personally I find doing this very effective when done right if you have OCD when touching your hair and don't have to worry about it lol)
    Wild growth hair oil ----->(your local beauty supply store) and online look it up
    Moisturized and seal -- meaning butter or conditioner and seal w/ an oil
    Shampoo and conditioner
    ---> is to me a personal preference and I switch it up so I wont comment on that

    I wont name all the products I used because I have a lot and mostly just bc lol, but I do have staples. I will also say I know how you feel. I am natural and I wear a full lace wig I just took my hair down last week and clarified after a month and half and saw how leaving it alone will help it I was very pleased and will continue my reggie until my hair is to my armpit w/o stretching
    Still working on Sanna, it will happen with time and effort!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lartiste View Post
    nothing has worked permanently
    so i have accept that it will never be what i want so weave it is

    then again
    if you have oprah money/team..anything is possible
    your hair grows you r just having problems retaining your length check out this site
    HAIRLISTA INC. Healthy Hair Network - Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair Care, Skin & Beauty
    ♥♥learn<> laugh<> LIGHTEN<>grow ♥♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by brown shuga View Post
    your hair grows you r just having problems retaining your length check out this site
    HAIRLISTA INC. Healthy Hair Network - Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair Care, Skin & Beauty
    AMEN!!!!! its all in retaining that length!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by makemeyellow View Post
    Anything worked? I have tried Megatek etc but my hair wont grow! Currently taking MSN & I want to know what else can work or has worked dramatically for you!
    u should try DOO GRO, my grew lots

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    The biggest thing for retaining length on tightly textured hair is protective styling, in my opinion. I've done it all: supplements, growth aids, no/low heat, etc., and my hair grew just fine, but retaining length was another story. I can use heat on my hair, ignore it for days, and eat an inconsistent diet, but since my ends are protected 99% of the time, my hair keeps getting longer and longer.

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