My face is pocking and getting enlarged pores for no reason?

Thread: My face is pocking and getting enlarged pores for no reason?

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    My face is pocking and getting enlarged pores for no reason?

    Hello, I have exhausted my research on this and don't know what to do. I am a 33 year old male. In the last couple months I started noticing pock marks showing up on my face. They look like acne scars but there was no acne where this is happening. My pores on my cheeks are enlarging as well. I have been drinking tons of water and taking vitamins to try and stop this. I also saw a dermatologist and he did not have an answer. I am trying to figure this out beefore it gets too bad. Looking for help and suggestions. Please help!!!

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    have you done anything different? Have you had any lasers of any kind?

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    Sorry for taking so long on a response. I have not had any laser or skin treatments. I am afraid that if I go I am just going to get new ones anyway. Since I have posted I have gotten a few more and some are deeper now. Is there any type of bacteria that can cause this? Like I said my derm had no answers nor did he seem like he was interested in solving it. I read about a disease called amvc but there is only a handful of documented cases. This just really stinks because I have always tried to take care of my skin. Btw, since this has been occurring I have noticed an increase in oil production.

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    I'm so sorry to hear that your derm doesn't care for your skin related problems.

    I'm no skincare expert, but maybe you could try a TCA peel, I've heard it makes your skin 'Pore-less'

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    I am a 37 yr old female and the exact same thing is happening to me!!!! VERY frustrating!!!! Here is what I have tried that does NOT work.

    all wrinkle creams make it worse and clog pores, even if it says it tightens skin.
    all moisturizers make worse, oilier, more clogged pores.

    Best answer: apply real lemon to tone, just on pore area. use pure egg white to tighten pores. It DOES help. Use honey to hydrate. Put it on like a mask, 20 min. and rinse with cold water. Don't use soap. I use dove cleanser only once a week and water only the rest of the time. Witch Hazel is also good once a week.

    End Result? MUCH better. Pores are clear again and getting smaller. Ice picks LOTS smaller. Skin smooth and soft.

    For me, I tried to "exfoilliate: and it made it much worse.

    If you have any red or small dry areas, use 100 percent aloe vera gel with a q-tip. Works wonders.

    Hope this help, and remember don't pull or tug at the skinn it will stretch the pores more!!! DONT pop clogged pores!!!!!!!!! It leaves small holes that are worse. The lemon will unclog them in a few days all by itself.

    In two weeks, my skin is nearly back to normal!


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    The reason I ask is because I have the same thing but mine came from laser treatments. Is lemon juice harsh on sensitive skin?

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    Washing and exfoliating will remove essential oils from your face, may aggravate the skin, and can cause your skin to dry out. To combat this and help keep your pores from producing excess oil to make up for the loss, make sure to moisturize after any attempts at getting rid of pores. Moisturize with an oil free facial moisturizer.

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    I agree with Tonedpretty. I believe most of these indentations came from retinol A. with exfoliation making it worse. Before any of this, all I used was Dove for sensitive skin. That's it. You should read my other post "wrinkles overnight", and learn what my first use of a wrinkle cream with retinol A in it left me. Beware. I'm sticking with Dove period.

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