Dermal melasma on upper lip
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Thread: Dermal melasma on upper lip

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    Dermal melasma on upper lip

    Please I need help. Anyone out there have dermal upper lip melasma that has responded to any treatment at all?

    I'm so distraught about this. Anywhere , just anywhere!, on my face would be better than making me look like I have a moustache. And Oh so difficult to cover up. Makeup and concealer don't cover well.

    Any input would help. Thanks!!

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    so sorry to hear about what you're going through. Unfortunately I know all to well what this is like :-( I don't know your Fitz Scale but you should try a Beta Chem peel, the B-lift works pretty good you should try the 20 / 30% concentration. You can only have it done at Dr's offc tho and it costs anywhere from $150-200. I mean I would also say try hydroquinone, but I'm sure you already have. Haven't we all :-(, try the peel and wear tons of sunblock. I really hope that helps. I'm struggling with PIH and I have it on my upper lip too, so I really empathize. Anywhere else on the body would work for me. It sucks! I'm gonna start using lumixyl to try and lighten the PIH and see how that works. Peace

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    I also have the melasma on my upper lip and it is a total nightmare. Its such a strange thing that up close i can see the medium light brown blotches then a couple feet away its like a greyish color and looks like im sporting a moustache. My self esteem is crushed and i feel so gross and barely leave my house. I have tryed the hydroqunoine and its faded it slightly but still see it real good. So what did the beta chem peel work for you ReneeYay?? My doctor is suggesting the obagi blue peel or IPL and after reading some reviews I am so scared it will make it way worse.

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    Thank you Renee
    I may just have to try another peel. I have tried Cosmelan in the past but the maintenance formula keeps changing and hate always being dry and flaky. But really upper lip area is the most stubborn and impossible to cover up. Do you think beta peel will not make it worse later even if it might work initially. I'm also so afraid of any downtime ... Is there any downtime.
    Also what is PIH? I hope you see positive results for yours.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Hi nelly!
    Mine is also exactly what you're describing. Isn't it the worst feeling when you stand in front of the mirror and you see a moustache you can't get rid of?!!!! I have melasma
    on most part of my face but the upper lip
    Part is te most embarrssing. Cosmelan peel helped alot couple of yrs back but it is so diffic to maintain topically. But I may have to do another peel of some sort again but I'm so afraid of downtime and rebound attacks. I really don't know what to do and I'm distressed 90% of the time. I don't remember the last time facing and talking to someone without secretly hoping I don't look
    funny or they don't notice anything. I hate caking on stupid concealers that barely cover only half of it and the area feels so "stuffy" w all the gunk.
    Does your doctor feel blue peel is good for dermal melasma? Or that it is better than Cosmelan? I'm like you ... I feel I need to do
    Another peel but I'm so afraid to. I have recently done four mild mandelic acid peel at home but it doesn't seem to make a difference, at least no yet. Sorry for rambling on ...
    Let us know what you decide. Good luck to you!

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    hey guys....have you ever tried mandelic acid...apparently that and that laser are the only thing that will make dent in dermal melasma if it doesnt rwesolve on its own...and ofcourse sunscreen. i heard that pigmentary things dont change until you start using atleast 15% free acid value so might have to work up some tolerance.....ive tried the garden of wisdom mandelic acid 10% and had good results for skin overall so im gonna try the 15% to see what it does for me...

    ive got dermal on my upper lip sucks lol

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    Hi xglam,
    Yes I recently started using 25% mandelic acid peel every 4 days .. Did around 4 treatments. But when am I supposed to see results? I don't see any difference except slight tingling and redness during peel time then next morning goes back to normal. Any info on progress and expectations would help. Thanks.

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    I know many people swear against this but it really did help for my upper lip. When I first found out I had melasma, my whole face was inflicted my my moustache was the most embarrassing piece for me. I started IPL laser treatments until I realized that I also have to fight this internally as well. I had her focus only on my upper lip for a few sessions and not the rest of my face just so it could blend in with the rest of my face, and believe it or not, it really helped! I still have melasma all over my face but my upper lip is not the most noticible part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantomask View Post
    Hi xglam,
    Yes I recently started using 25% mandelic acid peel every 4 days .. Did around 4 treatments. But when am I supposed to see results? I don't see any difference except slight tingling and redness during peel time then next morning goes back to normal. Any info on progress and expectations would help. Thanks.
    hey phantomask...i'd definately have to say the most important thing is to have patience with it and try it for atleast a couple of months even up to 6 months. dermal melasma isnt going anywhere overnight definately. are you also using a strict sunscreen routine daily and so on?

    btw are you using the makeupartistchoice peel....havent tried that yet myself but with mandelic acid peeling isnt going to be common at that % because it is milder than lactic and glycolic so what you experienced is entirely normal and to be expected.

    i know it might seem like a bit of a let down but its definately one of those things like retin-a for example that you have to use consistently for a while before you see results.

    it would be kinda misleading to tell you your skin will do this then and then here because we are all different after all. my tip is definately take progress pictures because this stuff works kinda slow so you might miss an improvements but if you have a pic at each stage taken under the same conditions, its not gonna lie about wheather or not the stuff is working

    for my skin, i've been using a 10% concentration serum from garden of wisdom and have worked up to nightly usage and have been using it for 3 months. its done a miracle on my acne and some PIH i had from old acne and has definately improved my overall eveness i guess it was taking away my permatan lol. i saw some real improvements on the areas where i had epidermal melasma but im now gonna move up to 15% and see what it does for me and my dermal. im gonna stick to the routine for a year because i've had such good results so far.
    i'd definately say stick with it consistently until the container is empty to see if it works for you....and don't get discouraged because it does take a while.

    when i started using my serum i experienced the same thing for a while. its only been the last couple of weeks that i've started seeing the results i talked about before except for the improvements in acne....hope that helps

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    Hi Phantomask,

    I too have the dreaded tache!Looks different under different light and highly embarrrassing..even more so when a friend put photos of us on facebook and to my horror my moustache was VERY visible......oooh cringe.....mortified!
    Ive tried lots of stuff nothing and concealer just seems to make mine more noticable...
    Ive been using the msm,zinc and acv for a few weeks and i have noticed change to my cheeks and forehead but not alot on my upper lip....the only trhing i found that made a slight difference was if anyone finds a good remedy or good cover up ..please let me know ...

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