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    Xglam, thank you for your discussion. Yes my MA peel is from makeupartist choice. I think you're right.. I'll just have to keep at it and be patient. In the mean time I do notice my lips get super dry and even develop little bumps onthe outline of them. So strange, it's very uncomfortable. And taking pics is a good practical way to monitor changes.. The only thing is I get so depressed from even looking at the pictures. I took them a couple of months ago and I almost broke down and cried. Anyway I'm glad things are working out for you. I hope things continue to improve and all your PIH is gone.

    Hi B77,
    Thanks for sharing. Yeah it's awful to live with this stupid moustache. I'm trying to be patient but it's so hard. I'm glad msm etc are working out for you somewhat. But lucky for us that the worst place to have melasma is the most difficult to get rid of!! Maybe the skin component and cells are different in that area from other areas of face. I hate it!!!!! I avoid so many social functions bc of it. When I do go out I have to take extra half hour just working on that area trying to conceal it. In the past cosmelan peel worked pretty well but my moustache area ws not that bad at the time. But when Everything came back, Charlie chaplin showed up with a vengeance. Arggh! I've tried micro derm before but it didnt seem to help me much .. Maybe I'll try it again..?? I'm trying some new topicals and will update you if warranted. Wish you luck with your therapy.

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    Hey Everybody!
    First I just want to say, I have suffered with PIH (post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation) for nearly 10 years and while I don't have melasma, (even though there are instances when PIH can become melasma) I am going throught the exact same things that everyone in this forum is experiencing. But the point I want to make is although what we have to endure is beyond challenging at least there is a gathering place for us where we can let our guards down and talk about what's going on with us with others who are experiencing the same things. For 10 years I dealt with this on my own now groups , no message boards, and i have to just say that there is a tremendous since of comfort that comes from knowing that I am not alone. That there are people who know exactly what it feels like to always be self aware, self-conscious. And while that alone isn't enough to clear-up my skin, it is a source of strength that helps me move forward. Anywho, yes, the Beta-chem peels work wonders. The only one I have ever used is the B-lift in concentrations of 20-30 %. Now, I am new to these forums as i said and something keeps making me scratch my head. There are or at least it seems that there are a lot of ppl using "industrial strength" products on their own at home. I understand that you can save on money that way, but how can you trust the integrity of something you purchase online? I wouldn't. And everyone is using chem peels / acid like it's water. I'm not giving a sermon, I just want us all to be okay. I read several ppl used Mandelic acid; which is an AHA, essentially a "fruit-acid" peel. Like I said in my original post, I don't know what everybody's skin type is, mine is a Fitz V/ VI, and Black / Indian / Hispanic skin regardless of whether your light or dark, does not tolerate AHA's. What happens as some of ya'll have said is you get rebound darkening, in my opinion and im no Dr, but have read countless medical journals and things to try and help myself, it more likely that it's not just rebound darkening, but PIH. Your using acid so the skin will always peel and maybe the first couple of weeks as you heal its light, because you've lost a couple of layers of skin, but the ultimately the skin will react from having been burned-off by the AHA and re-darken. If you have Fitz skin V/ VI it safer to use a Beta aka "Lactic-acid" peel. True if you have Dermal hyperpigmentation, it's harder to treat using a BHA ( Beta-hydro acid) peel cuz the coloration in deeper in the skin, and that's why i think a lot of ppl try the AHA's suz they go deeper. But they will on cause adverse reactions. Same goes for retins; they're not good for dark skin. At the height of my "peeling" I was doing it once a month ( it's cost a king's ransom), but what choice do we have? I would suggest getting on a serious peeling schedule like once a month. You can keep with the hydroquinone but don't exceed more than 4%, cuz hydroquinone is a unstable in higher concentrations, and especially cuz you're putting it on your face. Get a Good cortersteroid. There there is one I used to use, I would get it at the Dr offc. It's a medium strength-steroid, its called Locoid or something like that. I remember the Dr gave it ot me cuz it contained fatty-acids which were good for my skin after a peel cuz it can make the skin really dry. Oh I wanted to say that if you have Fitz skin I-V, using AHA's and retins is safer, but you still need to exercise serious caution, and I still would use any acid over 30%. And I definitely would not use combo peels like Jessner or TCA, but even if you do, for ppl w/ I-V skin there is less risk of PIH. Also ppl are using IPL that is like one of the worse thing you can use if you have dark skin. I read many studies and the onyl laser that seems to work (but the research is still inconclusive) are the Q-switched Alexandrite and Ruby lasers. Preference seems to be given to the Alexandrite laser. There is a medical case study I will try and post the link. Anywho someone asked if there is "downtime" yes there is. I always try to schedule my peels on Thurs, cuz the peeling gets real ugly, you will not want to go outside with your skin crumbling and flaking-off. So buy food and prepare to sit in the house for about 4-5 days. I would always manage to get "sick" on Friday, or I'd go to work on Fri and call-out "sick" Monday and Tuesday. Lol. Anywho, immediately after the peel you're skin will feel very tight and you might notice a slight to dramatic color change. It may get very dark, or it may get very red,or a combo of both. Don't panic cuz that's normal. Use the steroid, and leave it be! Don't put other preparations on it, don't touch it, and don't use a wash cloth on your face for about 8 days. Yeah it's kind gross but after you have more peels you can use a wash cloth like four days after, but in the beginning anything you do can cause trauma to the skin and cause PIH. Use only luke warm water. Yes you can use soap. But no chemical soaps. I use Ivory all the time. Or you can use Aveeno, or Johnson's baby soap, but nothing crazy. Your skin may itch too, so that's another reason to use the Steroid. and DON'T USE high-Strength steroids like; fluocinanide or any that are fluorinated. Fluorine helps lighten skin, but can cause side-effects. But Fluo might help after the skin has healed but not in the beginning. Use sunblock if your exposed to any sun at all, even on the crusty skin that's flaking and definitely afterwards. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sport. I like the one in the can w/ helioplex. It's clear. you can use the lotion one too, I use it sometimes, but its really white and thick and always leaves my skin looking like there is a film over it. But either is good if you wear make-up, and even if you don't. I use SPF 50 and over always. So for the peel just give it time to peel completely. It may not peel uniformly; meaning there just may be areas that seem to linger after other areas have completely peeled off. But there's nothing you can do about it. and whatever you do DON'T PEEL OFF THE SKIN YOURSELF, becuz you will definitely cause scarring and PIH. During this time applying make up is a challenge, but so is everything else in life. About 3 weeks after the peel the skin is completely healed and then if you choose I guess it's safe to use Hydroquinone. I have never done that. But in a couple of weeks I am going to return to using peels. And I was going to try out doing the peels and using Hydroquinone. And I am going to start using Lumixyl, cuz it's supposed to be a wonder-drug. I guess we'll see! I think I answered everything. But please let me know if there is anything I left out. I will post the link to the case-study and I will keep everybody posted on my Lumixyl adventure. We have to stay strong!
    Peace and Blessings.

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    ReneeeYay - It seems that you have done a lot of research, which we value very much on SCT! Next time, please do me a favor and use some bullet points or paragraph breaks so my "old lady" eyes don't go buggy!

    For those who don't know what the B-lift is, here is some info. It looks like microencapsulated salicylic acid: Learn More - Other Cosmetic Services

    Also, just a point of clarification - Lactic acid is not a beta hydroxy acid. It is an AHA. It's just a larger molecule than glycolic, so it doesn't penetrate the skin as fast or as deep.

    Glad you're having some success, and thanks for sharing!

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    Oh and I forgot to mention that there is something called the Excimer laser. It's used primarily on ppl who have Vitalligo, but i have used it cuz it causes skin to darken. No I don't have Hypopigmntation; whitened areas. But I used it because it helps camouflage the darker areas. The laser treatments are expensive $ 100 a pop. but they help. What you can also do and what i have done too is go and get suntanning treatments at a local spa. it's cheaper like $30 a pop. and it works just as well. I don't know about everybody on here, but my facial hyperpigmentation is only in some areas; right above the upper-lip,( the mustache area, but not the entire filtrum area; from nose to lip), on my chin, and on my forehead so what i do sometimes is go to the tanning parlor. I apply a sick amount of sunblock, and this is the case when i use the real white thick stuff. I put it on the dark areas, but on the rest of my face I use baby oil. I use one of the machines specifically for the face and i sit there for about 7-10 min since i'm already dark it doesn't take that long plus, you'll continue to get dark over the next couple of days so you don't want to over do it. If you're very light fitz I-IV, then you may want to sit there a little longer. But I wouldn't do a full 15 or 20 min in the beginning. You just have to experiment with the time until you find what works best for you. I know tanning might not be a possibility for everybody in here, but I just wanted to disclose everything I do to try and improve my skin.

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    OOps! Sorry about that paragraphs. I posted the second time b4 reading what you had wrote

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    No worries!

    Yikes - tanning! I can see the logic, but I would be terrified to do that. I spend my life avoiding UV rays. Lol!

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    Hey , i know this is an old post but checking to see if anyone had success with getting rid of their upper lip dermal melasma. i'm on msm and still waiting to see... prayers...

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    You need to cleanse your liver. I have the grayish blue upper lip melasma and have been taking d3 to help with absorption and a cleanse and its lightening quickly! You also need to balance your hormones which I am about to do with some natural progesterone. But the liver cleanse has been my biggest change...Relief!!!!

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    Nellybug, how has it gone with trying to balance hormones? Did you try the progesterone cream? How did it work out? I would love to hear an update!

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    Still searching. Obagi NuDerm got rid of my dermal melasma but it came back ligjter tho than before

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