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    Hon, you can't ever really 'get rid' of melasma, but you can treat it, and get it to clear-up; how much depends on your individual condition and your treatment options. And that will help the look of it to be more manageable / normal-looking. I not going to re-post my post from above, but several of the treatments I mentioned will help you - they've helped me clear it up nearly 97%. And Honey, mine was so bad that the doctors at Cornell (yes, Cornell the burn experts) took pictures! It's a condition that requires diligence, courage, and self-respect - **** those people who do something degenerate-like or have something negative to say!

    But one of the most important things I can say is, don't try to overcompensate for how your skin looks now, by trying to make it perfect. I'd always had great skin until I used a cheap otc product that ruined it. But even though my skin had been great, it still wasn't prefect. Over the 14 years that I have struggled with this, I can tell you its critical that you remember what your skin looked like before look at pictures or whatever so that you won't get caught-up in trying to make it perfect. It's important to only treat the issue of the melasma, or the subsequent issues it has caused - don't try to re-write history in order to try and create 'magazine face'. I don't know the severity of your condition but again chemical peels are awesome. You will also need to use a steroid cream; like Locoid Cream, to calm potential issues from the peels. You also need hydroquinone; start low w/ a 4% - it may cause irritation, but that's why you'll use the steroid cream. However you know your skin so...
    All-in-all its trial an error. But don't give up! The best to you!


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    Hi Renee, and thanks for your kind answer.

    I was really wondering about cleaning the digestive system. Do you think there's any link between the digestive system and this blue grey melasma?

    Peace 2

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    Hey Phoenix77!

    In all honesty, I know that that there is quite a bit of discussion on this site particularly in this thread about endocrine-related treatments for melasma. The problem I have with these suggestions is that regardless of the origin of our melasma, it is it's dermatologic component that presents the problem. Supplements and oral preparations work for some people who have certain types of acne, but melasma is distinct in that there is a thickening of the skin and other textural abnormalities (lichenification), patches and the like. There is hyperpigmentation, and in some cases there may also be topical-cream or treatment induced hypopigmentation. The point I'm trying to make is there is NO supplement that addresses these dermatological problems. Cleansing your liver, unless you have a diagnosed liver disease, is NOT going to be effective in treating the dermatologic properties of melasma. If you are diagnosed as having a hormonal imbalance or some other situation that is causing or worsening your melasma then oral medications will be useful to an extent. But you will more likely than not still need to address the visual effects of your melasma. One of the keys to treatment is topical treatments and aggressive sun avoidance (plus time).

    FYI years ago, when I was visiting every doctor under the sun to find a treatment they too gave me some antimicrobial - I took all the pills I was prescribed, and still had PIH induced ochronosis (which later evolved into melasma). Pills won't cut it! Technically, I've never been diagnosed as having either ochronosis or melasma. But as a result of my skin problem I had to educate myself in the area of dermatology in order to find a treatment(s). I've studied bio-nutrition, chemistry, biology, and dermatology. I'm into physical fitness,and had to study the connection between certain metabolism boosters / fat burners and "Supps" like Tyrosine; Tyrosine is one of many vitamins, minerals, nutrients, "supps" that increases fat burning, but also increases melanin-production. An over consumption of tomatoes will also increase melanin. One of the primary things with melasma is to acknowledge your bodies over-production of melanin and inhibit that. While you can aid that via the exclusion of certain things to your diet, you primarily have to do that by addressing the issue topically; bleaching-cream. Melasma is aggressive your treatment has to be also; your tool-kit has to include a daily regimen of 2 or more products. Monthly you need to be doing in-office treatments of some kind of micro-dermabrasion, Beta-chemical peels. Treating skin issues requires unconventional thinking. Finding the underlying cause of the skin abnormality while important (and while giving some comfort in knowing "the why") is secondary or maybe even tertiary to treating the symptom, because it is the outward effects of the damaged / abnormal skin, that causes the problem. Most doctors don't think like that, they want to do biopsies of skin from your FACE (mind you SMDH!) or give you pills to deal with changing the appearance of something - that's asinine! I educated myself, took control of the situation, and dr-hopped until I found several dr's with ego's that would allow me to be the boss of him / her - Hell I'm the one paying!

    You said you have 'blue-gray looking melama' as you know that's typically considered 'Dermal' and is considered the most difficult to treat. My question to you is: Is this a self-diagnosis? Have you had a Wood's light / UV light test? And most importantly how is your skin behaving? What treatments have you done / how did your skin respond? What kind of skin do you have: sensitive, dry, combination, etc? Where are you on the Fitzpatrick scale? Do you have concurrent skin problems; acne, psoriasis, eczema? What's caused your hyperpigmentation & textural issues, referred to as Melasma? See, my skin presented, meaning it not only looked like but also has behaved in manners consistent to ochronosis, eczema, & melasma, therefore I treated it as if I were treating those things. Real doctors get too caught-up in trying to find a clean, neat, & tidy, singular commonly-occurring text-book explanation. I however said it looks like a like a duck, barks like a dog, and purrs like kitten, therefore I have to address all of those things. I had to become my own 'doctor '/ advocate. And so will you!

    P.S. I'm happy to try and help if I can.

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    I've just now seen this post - that's so funny! I thought I was the only one who made mental notes about which stores, restaurants, (and anywhere really) that had really good or God-awful lighting.

    FYI Target's light is better

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    Reneeyay giiiirl, you have so much knowledge. THANK YOU for all of your posts (and everyone else, thank you too). See, I had been on birth control at 18 until 27 (mostly on--times off in between). I used it to keep my mild and annoying acne away. I got off in January 2007 after I got married, got pregnant in April and by June my face looked like I had severe chicken pox. I went from flawless to AWFUL. So I had my son end of 2007. Took spironolactone to help clear out the rest of my acne and within days, I had a moustache and dirt under my eyes (both melasma). I of course got off that day and ended up on HQ 4%. It cleared up in about 7-10 days (lucky) and that was it. Fast forward to 2011... I'm still dealing with acne for the most part but have it 90% controlled. I get monthly facials and had taken some doxy, got a facial and had melasma on my damn lip again. Used HQ again and it was taking a bit this time. I ended up using RT magique (Google if you'd like more info).. Never looked back. That is until AFTER my second child was born .he was born in November 2013 and I quit nursing a year later. This is December 2015... I quit because my acne was coming back crazy and I was SUPER stressed. My sister became a drug addict (meth) ditched her kids and my family... You know how this goes. Anyway... I've been fine since. However, I got my Chaplin stache yet again at the end of May. I FINALLY, after reading and obsessing over my stache, realized what I think i did wrong. So with every facial I always avoid peels on the lip area (fear of darkening). Embarrassed to admit, I shave my upper lip. The weekend before it appeared I shaved my lip that Saturday. I put on my rt magique as usual. Noticed some irritation and itching but disregarded it. 3 days later there was pigmentation in my lip. The irritation never really went away. I'd get panic attacks if I suddenly felt the tingle come on and trip out like wtf is going on. DUUUUUH... Light bulb went on as soon as I saw your post to another girl on a different thread who had a similar problem. I want to say I caused some trauma to my lip by shaving then later that night applying my potion. It's like a lactic/glycolic mix. I was using HQ for 14 days and it was then that I read your post. To use aloe and just be super gentle so I can heal. I've been doing that for 3 nights. Applying aloe fresh from the plant. Redness has subsided 75% and pigment seems to have finally broken up some. I'm super self conscious. I harass my 8 year old like 20 times a day lmao! Like bubba, how's my stache? Is it noticeable? Husband is pretty blunt and he says it just looks like I have a really white vermillion border (lip line) and doesn't see a stache. I think everyone else is just sick of me bugging about it that they say it's gone. Some close coworkers say I'm crazy, another one said it was invisible until I pointed it out and even then was nothing to worry about. I'm so depressed. I feel foolish. Can't stop thinking about it. I wake up and run to the mirror. I check it before applying my makeup and examine before goin to bed. I hate it. When I say I feel depressed, I literally mean just that. And for all the obsessive thoughts I feel stupid for even thinking half of them. I've been taking 18 drops of GSE in a capsule -4 pills a day. I just bumped that up. I take zinc and was wondering if I should start msm. I do get a patch in between my brows but lets just say I won't jinx things right now. My face looks like a lizard right now bcuz of my facial on Wednesday. I'm super anxious and want to cry. I mean I totally know it has lightened to almost gone in the last 72 hours because it was much more visible with/without makeup. Under any light. Now I can look and it looks just a bit pink and I know it's because of the irritation that's there. Any other suggestions? I have hydrocortisone 2% ointment. Wondering if I should try that at some point. The aloe was awesome. So sad we all have to go through this but happy I can talk to you all and gain so much knowledge. I look forward to any responses. Thank god for all of you. Hugs, everyone!

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    Hi Renee,

    Thanks for your post. I do agree with you, you need to become your own doctor. Here, in France, I couldn't find any similar discussion about upper-lip melasma. Dermatologists first diagnosed me with a vitiligo. I had to see 3 vitiligo specialists (one confrmed the diagnosis, the other 2 said it was melasma) to get diagnosed. I tried Hydroquinone with no results. And, that's what brought me here. I definitely have to keep on searching, and be firmer with doctors. I know they feel helpless.

    This situation is absurd. Why should we feel ashamed by the way we look, why should we feel insecure? I hope to answer these questions some day.

    Good evening, or morning to all of you :-)

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