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    Hey guys I've had some moderate success with my melasma, it's at least faded to a point where I don't really notice it anymore. I don't know if it's because of my routine or something else but I thought I'd share in case it helps.

    I first use a basic gentle face wash in the shower (I use CeraVe from walmart). Next, which I think is the main thing that's helped overall is using sunscreen every day. I use the EltaMD UV Clear and I've found I like it because I have sensitive skin. It has some niacinamide in it which is supposed to help with redness/pigmentation. I also got this powder sunscreen that comes in like a brush tube thing. It might sound kinda lame but I've found it's really easy to apply for extra protection/if you want to reapply in the middle of the day. I also incorporated two things at night from a brand called Ordinary (it's real cheap). I used the Alpha Arbutin (supposed to help fade melasma & Pigmentation) and the Azelaic Acid which also helps melasma and rosacea which I have as well. And then use a moisturizer n the morning and night. (I used cerave moisturizing it comes in a huge tub and lasts forever)

    So basically:
    AM - Wash, moisturize, Sunscreen
    PM - Wash , Alpha Arbutin, Azelaic Acid, Moisturize

    I'm not a doctor or anything but just wanted to share what I've found has seemed to help me in case it can help you guys too. Good luck and remember youre not alone
    yes azelaic acid apparently is bomb for hyperpigmentation etc ! but im afraid my face is too sensitive for it, since i get PIH easily from exfoliation

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    What's up guys, just checking back in. I don't see a lot of info out there for guys with melasma so I hope continuing to share helps. I recently had a little bit of a flare up again over this summer as I went on vacation and was in the sun a bit, my forehead darkened some although I think my routine has helped it keep it relatively mild.

    I had a few thoughts/discoveries that may be helpful to some. I know hormones can play a big role for some with melasma, I have been on the medication finasteride which I learned may affect testosterone/estrogen levels in some men. I decided to have some blood work done and am going to look into this but if any of you are on it, it could be something to consider.

    Second thing I found is the release of a new product by Eucerin with an active ingredient called Thiamidol. The product is their anti-pigment line. I don't think it is currently available in the US but it is in Europe and can be found online if you need it. There have been studies showing it is as effective as hydroquinone at blocking pigment formation and I've seen a lot of women report on it's success. So could be worth looking into.

    Good luck and hope you're all well.

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