For those who suffer with psoriasis and excema

Thread: For those who suffer with psoriasis and excema

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    For those who suffer with psoriasis and excema

    If at all possible, please try this and please let me know if it works---if you live anywhere near an ocean, not a lake, bay, pond, but one of our oceans, please dip yourselves in the salt water, and fill up gallon milk bottles of the sea water to bring home. ( I know that may sound awful).

    Three times a day, warm up the sea water and apply it to the affected ares.


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    Just a thought; my brother has this from time to time. The clinic he goes to sells salt from the Dead Sea to have in the bath water. Rather expensive salt but it seems to have an effect. It's a classic treatment, it's been around for generations. They know sun in combination with the salt sea can make the most horrific outbreak heal. It often works better and faster than hydro cortisone treatments.

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    Thank you SkyKat for sharing this very
    helpful tip/info. You right, I have noticed how
    beautiful/flawless my skin is whenever I swim
    and enjoy the sea/ocean.

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    Had a very bad case of eczema this week (child) and personally I have found that removing dairy products from the diet makes vast improvements. Also using omega combinations will help keep the skin moist. Lots of experience from cases such as these bring me to conclude that once you get the diet and digestion right you do not need to use any creams or medication. Will keep you posted.

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