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    What do you use on your lips? does it still work?

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    Post before and after or current photos of successful lip lightening.

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    I've noticed when I use retina A 0.025% with a gg oil my lips bleach out. But it's not pink. It like my skin current skin color. How do you guys get ur lips naturally pink without using tints?

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    Does anyone has any new lip routine for the lips?

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    Lip tint doesn't work. Sidebar: why has SCT been so dry for the last year? Nothing but tumbleweeds been blowing through these streets. Where's everyone at? So many thread topics have been abandoned. No help whatsoever.

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    How would one go about lightening the top lip?


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    Any answers or recommendations to the question?

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    I suppose skin lightening can get tiring. The journey is tough and it’s a real struggle to get to your goal while avoiding nasties and not having all the tell tale bleachers signs.
    I think most people might be taking a break.
    I have only just started again too

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