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    1. Stop visiting this forum so much until I get my homework done
    2. Find a second job
    3. Get my driver's license
    4. Buy a car
    5. Grow my hair long too
    6. Get rid of this annoying permatan!
    7. Get rid of my hyperpigmentation
    8. Be happy so I can make my boyfriend happy
    9. Be more honest with myself (I tried this today and it went well-ish)
    10. Takes more risks
    11. Skin to be a perfect as a baby's
    12. Learn to love all of my classes
    13. Skinny, skinny, skinny
    14. Stop overeating/being greedy. No more!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkee View Post
    Sweettart you're not dumb I was trying to figgy it out too.
    Means "shut the freak up"!! And thats a cleaned up version, so I wouldnt expect y'all laydees to know about it!

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    My most immediate goal is to successfully make it through my 10 day water fast.
    I'm starting tomorrow and praying for the strength to finish because I've tried before and failed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fawnie View Post
    Means "shut the freak up"!! And thats a cleaned up version, so I wouldnt expect y'all laydees to know about it!
    Not putting STFU on my goal list cause I would not be successful in reaching that goal. Thinking about it, I don't think you should either cause we would all be less knowledgeable about skin care and life questions if you put that as a goal. No STFU for you either, Please.
    One hundred years from now, It will not matter what your bank Account was; The sort of house you lived in; Or the kind of car you drove; But the world may be a better place because YOU were important in the life of a CHILD!

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    Love this topic

    1. Graduate college
    2. Get another job
    3. Lose 30 lbs
    4. Lighten 5 shades
    5. Start taking salsa lessons
    6. Fix up the house/buy some new furniture
    7. Become more organized

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    Goals 1. Perfect skin - well more like even caramel brown skin color 2. Work harder when school starts 3. Get a job 4. Be honest with myself 5. Be happy 6. Put more efforts in looking better lol (e.g makeup, better clothes etc)

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    Weeeelll my goals are : 1. Lighten skin to desired shade 2. Become comfortable in my body. 3. Get a 4.0 GPA and stick with it. 4. Drop unnecessary baggage. 5. Reinvent myself 6. Volunteer. 7. Get a job. 8. Figure out career and career plan. 9. Get a boyfriend 10. Stand out

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    1. master speaking 6 languages (i already speak 3 languages I want to learn 3 more (arabic,portuguese, fula)
    2. lighten up to nc45
    3.have healthy long natural afro hair
    4. eat healthy and drink less alcohol
    5. get my nose surgery
    6. finish uni good as possible
    7. have a wealthy husband (don't judge me )
    8. built an house for my parents in africa, make their lives as easy as possible
    9. be happy an healthy

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