Fair and White AHA soap vs Likas papaya soap
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Thread: Fair and White AHA soap vs Likas papaya soap

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    Fair and White AHA soap vs Likas papaya soap

    Which one works better for lightening & brightening ? And im a guilty of Overexfoliating if i use Likas Papaya soap everyday and Fair and White AHA soap every 3/4 days ? Please advise !

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    I've used both in the past Likas is very mild didn't see much of a difference. As for F&W the blue one I saw brightness no lightening. You probably wont overexfoliate by using both. I've since moved on to kojie san its good but be careful it can sneak up on you it stings when left on for too long.

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    I didnt see any lightening from either.

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    So using likas every day and Fair and White aha every 3 or 4 days .. is not overexfoliating

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    No it isn't unless you have extremely sensitive skin.

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    Thnx cherries ! My goal isnt ligtening .. its more brightening and getting a glowing radiant body , I am especially frustrated with my body being several other shades i want it to be one colour and even it out .. does likas or fair and white achieve that ? Or should i resort to other means .. plz help me out

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    I don't know much about the AHA soap but likas did not lighten me...it cleared up my oily skin SUPER well, though!
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    ^^ Did you guys leave it on for long enough?

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    i'm not sure if an AHA soap could even be effective since soap is typically alkaline and AHAs need to be at a pH of 3.5 (i think...?) to be considered effective...perhaps someone can chime in if they have other knowledge.

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    I dont know much about pH and I havent used the Likas but I use the F&W (peach/orange and blue box) soap and although I dont see any major lightening I feel it just helps exfoliate my skin IMO. I would like to try likas though just to compare.

    At one point I used it everyday and sometimes twice a day when i was serious but I read in someones thread recently (I think it was in the anti-aging section) that they really messed up their skin by exfoliating everyday. So Ive cut down. I would def not over do it honey you dont want premature wrinkles, aging skin etc in the future.
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