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Thread: any lightening members from south africa?

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    Yeah you will find caralight, sivoclaire all linds of stuff at most black salons and even on the streets. They everywhere!!

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    Southafricacute you don't happen to know any doctors that wouldn't mind giving a prescription for retin a? Also what do you request it for? Exfoliation?
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    Hi Guys

    Sorry I know this is an old thread but does anyone know where I can get some Nadinola Extra Strength Cream in Johannesburg???

    Please lemme know if you do!

    Many thanks.

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    Wow I am so glad I came across this thread, I am also from S.A and will be going to Jozi in a few weeks, I'm currently in Cape Town right now and I have a terrible reaction to a steroid cream called Betasol I found earlier this year. I'm planning to start taking supplements namely MSM powder, vitamin c crystals, fish oil capsules and 100 mg alpha lipoic acid, also I am hoping to get an L.A lotion...I am hoping I can find all these things at Dischem

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    The supplements you can get from dischem or any health food store that also sells vitamins, for the LA lotion, you'll have to order online, I have never seen any LA lotions here in south if you can order some lactic acid from and make your own LA lotion, for nadinola you can order from ebay, I've always received the stuff I order from ebay so it is reliable...good luck ladies!

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    Hi guys, I’m a newbie and need help because I don’t know how to fix my skin. I suffered from eczema since I was a kid and my childhood doctor used to prescribe betamethasone which I used on my face and joints all the areas I used to get the eczema. I used to be dark as a kid but gradually over the years I got lighter and I now realise why, it was the steroids I was getting from my doctor. I have since stopped the steroids after I started noticing my skin getting worse and did some research. I didn’t know the effects of steroids when I started using them I thought the doctor was supposed to be the expert and I was just a kid. The steroids completely destroyed my face and I had green veins on arms legs etc. Anyway when I stopped I maintained my colour for while but didn’t realise I needed to use sunscreen and I started hanging out at the beaches with no sunscreen and now my face is a hot mess and I can’t even use makeup to cover it, the outer areas of my face are dark/burnt looking and I have raccoon eyes that I have been trying to get rid of. I live in South Africa and I have been to a dermatologist but that was no help just a waste of money. I have been lurking on this forum for the past few months and have gotten a few tips so I started exfoliating with a glycolic cream at night on my face and I am seeing some progress although very little the darker areas on my forehead are beginning to lift with light patches. I am also using amlactin all over my body trying to get rid of the dark hands and feet. I would also like help from the South African members on where I can find skin lightening products in South Africa Johannesburg or Durban e.g. carolight, G&G peach lid etc. I tried ordering some products online but it seems like customs and port health have stopped all entry of these products you can’t order anything online. Would appreciate any help from you guys I would really like to fix up my face and lighten 3-4 shades and maintain.

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    Hi Cupcakes

    Wow sorry you have to deal with both eczema AND the side effects of steroids. This site is very helpful though and I am sure you can reverse the steroid/sun damage in time.It might take a little while though so you will just have to be patient.

    I am a newbie as well but I will try and help you as much as I can. A few tips and pointer below:

    - Invest in a good AHA cream for the day , I have been using the Studio 35 Face AHA cream and I can tell you there is nothing like it. It is like gold in a jar. You have to import it from the States and you can purchase it here : This cream used to be called Walgreens AHA Cream and you can do a search on here to see reviews on this product.

    -Continue using Amlactin on body twice a day but make sure you do this for at least 4 weeks before using any lighteners. If you are not sufficiently exfoliated the HQ will sit on top of the dead skin and result in a dull and darkish complexion. There is a Korean grocery store at Rivonia Square in Joburg which sells Korean Italy towels. Use this once/twice week on cleansed skin to exfoliate and to remove any dead skin. You can purchase Dead Sea Salts from any Dischem and soak in the bathtub (30 minutes to an hour once a week).

    - Products such as G&G peach lid and Carolight can be found easily at Randburg Square in Johannesburg. Literally every single 'beauty' store you walk into will have these products on the shelf as well as other brands such as Clear Essence. You can also purchase Fair and White and Dudu Osun soap from the Nigerian shops in Randburg. I find Dudu Osun to be an excellent cleanser and exfoliator ,it leaves your skin squeeky clean. I use it twice a day body and face.

    - After exfoliating go back to the dermatologist and ask for a prescription for Retin A (RA). If you have never used RA before start with a low strength like 0.025. Apply RA only at night and once a week at first until your skin can tolerate it more frequently. RA helps with peeling dead skin and also helps lightening products to penetrate the skin better.

    -Lastly and probably the most important practice sun avoidance and use a sun screen every single day and even on cloudy days. I have been using Garnier Ambre Solaire50+ UV Sensitive for face and it is available at Clicks for about R180. For my body I use Vichy 60+ and you can find it at Dischem.

    I am sort of a newbie at lightening as well but I really hope this helps you.

    Best of luck and please update us on your progress!

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    Hi Sunshine Girl

    Wow thank you soooo much i had no idea where to even start looking this has been most helpful. I will go check out randburg square, dischem and the korean grocery store. Have you already started your lightening and how is that going for you?

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    You are welcome Cupcake.

    I have been exfoliating for about 8 weeks now coz I feel I had a really bad permatan.

    I use Amlactin on body and do Lactic Acid peels on face once a week. My body is coming along nicely but I dont really see progress on my face.

    I might up LA peels to twice a week and see how that goes. I have started Applying lightener now and use Nadinola on face and body at night.

    Its only been a few days but I'm hoping to at least go up 1 shade by Christmas Day. In MAC I wear NW43/40 depending on season but I'd really like to be a pale NW40 from head to toe.

    Hope this helps and let us know how you go!

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    Sounds like you are making good progress Sunshine Girl, good luck hope you reach your Christmas Day target for 1 shade.

    What % lactic peel are you doing on your face? let me know how twice a week goes and if you see any progress with your face. I am also a nw43 on the face but chest area is lighter and inner arms, inner thighs so i am working on evening up and getting rid of the permatan too. I am using amlactin on my body too, do you use this everyday? in the beginning my skin used to get a bit red in certain places so would stop and start again after a few days and i think its getting used to it now. Will do this for 8 weeks as well and hope to see good results. Where did you get nadinola? from randburg square or did you have to order online? if you ordered online how did you manage to get this through customs/port health? our goals sound very similar so would be good to stay in touch

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