How To Avoiding Darkening Skin and Get Nice Skin On Legs?

Thread: How To Avoiding Darkening Skin and Get Nice Skin On Legs?

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    How To Avoiding Darkening Skin and Get Nice Skin On Legs?

    I actually have two relatively different questions that I would love if I could find a good answer to. The first is, how do I keep the skin that I show in summer (my arms, legs, the back of my neck, etc) from turning darker then the rest of my body? Don't bother to tell me to stay out of the sun. I have to go out in the sun to work every day in summer. It was so embarrassing last summer. I would wear only t-shirts for a week and then wear a tank top and my arms would be darker then my shoulders. I would love any suggestions!

    My second question of which any suggestions would be greatly appreciated is, how do I get nice skin on my legs? It's so weird. The skin on my torso and upper body, although not exactly gorgeous, is okay looking I think. But my legs look lighter and they aren't smooth at all. Summer is coming, and I'm going to be showing my legs again, so any suggestions would be great!

    I'm glad I joined this forum! Thank you for any help!

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    Tanning issues: Use a high SPF, the highest you can find every day on the parts that tend to get most sun. Try to get sun on all bodyparts, even torso and upper arms when possible. An alternative is to use clothes that cover more when you work. Still, sun screen is a must for hands, face, ears and neck. There is the option of spray-tanning, and artifical tanning creams and lotions, but I don't like them at all.

    Legs: By a good scrub, and use it once a week. I like one from a brand called cliniderm, but there are tons to choose from. A nurishing moisturizer will do wonders for your skin, go for something with natural oils like shea-butter, aloe, avocado oil; something as simple as pure rosehip oil will completely change the skin on your legs. Though it has to be aplied every day to get results.

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    High SPF like that still won't prevent changing of the color of the skin. Thick clothing is the best method.

    I agree with using a scrub on your legs, you can even go cheap and use regular sugar.

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    I agree with Freddy! Higher SPF only prolongs the skin's ability to remain protected from sunburns. For tanning however, you need to wear thick clothes with long sleeves.

    If your skin tans after that also.. try using skin lightening products.

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    Thank you guys for the great suggestions! I will wear thicker clothes, but I won't use skin lightening products...unless they're natural.

    I will definitely use cream and scrub on my legs! Do you think shea butter will work fine on it's own?

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