How to get that flawless KIm K look
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Thread: How to get that flawless KIm K look

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    How to get that flawless KIm K look

    I hate to say this, cuz I high dislike that woman,( hate is such a strong word)but we all want her skin even if she paid for it. When I put on my foundation I like it to look fresh and flawless. Here is what I do
    What you need
    Face primer or a pore reducer
    Foundation brush: 2
    Liquid concealer and brush
    Powder brush
    Dream matte mouse in two shades one your shade and one darker
    Mac studio fix and blot powder
    Liquid fit me foundation.

    Ok here we go
    First prime the face, the health of your face is as important and the makeup u put on it, so I hope u picked a good one.
    Wait 2 min for it to dry and really do it's work
    With the first foundation brush, do a all over application of dream Matte mouse
    in your shade. Less is more! Being that we are not one color all over our face, we need to magnify this same shades with the foundation. So take dark shade mix it with a some mouse in your shade and apply to the chin, temple and
    sides of the nose. This are where we are usual darker. Take the fit me and the second brush, apply under the eyes and fore head, top of nose.
    Make sure you blend well, at this point your face should look like one brush stoke.
    Take ur powder brush and lightly apply studio fix all over ur face it helps hold the look and makes it look air brushy. apply blot powder in areas u know will get oily. If you have oily face. Use same studio fix brush and just go over ur Neck and under ur chin. This will make it look even more flawless.

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    No a make up artist, just a slave to perfection

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    No, I prefer my skin, but thanks! I'd like to see hers at 50 w/o tons of plastic surgery.
    51 years young! Skin Care & Makeup Junkie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandia1 View Post
    No, I prefer my skin, but thanks! I'd like to see hers at 50 w/o tons of plastic surgery.
    Agreed! I really cannot stand the looks of that woman; even at her young age she looks totally artificial.

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    this was a good post. thank you.
    nurturing my pet rooster

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    Am not saying to have her skin, just about how to apply foundation flawlessly.

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    I think it's probably about moisturizer as well as foundation. Just find a foundation that matches your skin tone and one which glides on easily and you should be fine

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    You all sound well jel, loool!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great tips for flawless skin. Thanks skinfair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CeeC View Post
    You all sound well jel, loool!!!!!!!!!!!
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