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    face thin too

    *face thin tool*

    Has anyone used this tool to slim their face. I'm trying to get that defined cheekbones and jaw look as my cheeks are so big!! It's like my face doesn't suite my body cuz my body is thin compared to my face.
    So was just wondering if anyone tried this product and if it's effective or not.

    Face Thin - How to Make Your Face Thinner in Two Weeks

    and here's one youtube review i found:

    Face Thin Review - YouTube

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    It makes sense that it would work since your face has all kinds of muscles and you are working them.
    Face Thin Tool review - Health

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    Looks like it would work, i might try it too

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    You can not slim down your face area specifically, or almost every other body part for that matter. On the other hand, when your entire body begins to lose excess weight it does so from head to toe, meaning it is first noticeable in the face, then arms, stomach, legs... you get the idea.

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    I think its bogus.. like many other fitness and beauty products. Whats ur bodyfat fat %? losing body fat with help u slim down ur face. to a certain degree ur face structure and shape is probably genetically determined.

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    This would be so cool if it worked but I agree with the last reply on this thread...its probably bogus

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