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    Quote Originally Posted by BeautySleep View Post
    Way too much and badly applied makeup
    I want to have a glowing and even complexion, not high yellow just golden and healthyHidden Content

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    Chola eyebrows, fake talon nails and visible dark lip liner!

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    The divided skirt.

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    I travel alot so I couldn't really answer that.
    I'm on that side of the thread again, I like a lot of those clothes though reminds me of TLC. O.o
    Beauty is pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GorgeousBlonde View Post
    I threw away my baby-doll dresses long time ago when a guy told me I do not look good in them! Fashions sometimes make women look worse!
    I agree that all fashions are not made for everyone. There are many things that are in style that do not look good on me at all.

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