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    Quote Originally Posted by Levandlovely View Post
    thank you @gymrat ! It seems like common sense but I guess on this subject I just don't have it :-P
    Your welcome, and no, not common sense, just better safe then sorry, no worries at all @Levandlovely
    -Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us-

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    @ triumph My post is taking long to reflect on the 90 days challenge and I really need help

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    Hey guys! I am back after several years. Lol. Just came to let everybody know I'm back to my old lightening regime and products and will be posting my results. I'm using Pretty Biznez. Along with vitamin c 500 mg pills, gluthione 250 mg pills, kogic/gluta soap, and nubian heritage honey blackseed body wash. Exact things I used years ago. The lazy lightener's regime. So I just received my new big ass 32 oz jar. It was $200 and $42 for express shipping. Yup, it's expensive as hell and yup, I was desperate. Nothing else has worked so far. So this is it. Anyway, can't wait to have my flawless face back and I'm already lightening from my pill dosage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Levandlovely View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat View Post
    Whats the reason for mixing it? To dilute it? Because that is essentially what you will be doing. I wouldn't "mix" it all at once. If you are wanting to mix RA and lotion, I would put equal parts on each hand and mix if you must, and or, apply the RA then layer lotion over it. @Levandlovely
    Yes I am trying to dilute it, I can handle .1% on my face with ease but I've built up to it. For my body I want to go for .025%.

    I got 20oz of the stuff!
    Hi I’m new here I’m around nc55/50 and I’m trying to get to nc42. Do you know natural cream and lotions I could use to lighten me a few shades?

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