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    Linky to the news article please!!

    Quote Originally Posted by BeauSoleil View Post
    Like the 20 years old UK student who wanted to become a video vixen and wanted to have a big butt à la Minaj. She flew to Philadelphia and got her butt injected by a transgender woman in a Inn hotel room and died the day after. It was a year ago and the woman went under the radar. Fortunately I read in the news today that she has just been arrested during an injection party that she organised.

    "In the year of our Lord 1903, in the meat packing plants off the shores of the sea, Stood a young man at his slaughter post a newby by his side, He said grind it up and ship it out doesn't matter what's inside, With poison bread to kill the rats, an effective tool of trade ..." Flatfoot 56

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    Here is an article when it happenned a year ago :

    And the one saying the woman was finally arrested :

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    Picture update! XD April 2012 Unretouched photo (as claimed by the photographer)

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    After all of that surgery, I would think she would look better. She looks regular. I guess you can only improve to a point.

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    The new trend is to look better for your age, not look like you are 50 trying to be 20. I think Cindy hits that mark. She looks good for her age but not overly done. I wouldn't mind looking like that when I get older. (I'm in my later 20s.) We hear/see so many celebrities/wannabe celebrities who go overboard with cosmetic enhancements. Cindy seems like a very intelligent woman who knows her boundaries and chooses her cosmetic enhancements wisely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToldYouSo View Post
    Picture update! XD April 2012 Unretouched photo (as claimed by the photographer)
    she doesn't look that bad i've seen worst

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    If it makes her happy then great I have had a few things done but when someone gets this much you can tell that they have work done

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    She actually looks WAY better than she did before her surgery. I always tell people its not the surgery that's bad, its not doing your research before the surgery.

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