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    Quote Originally Posted by mccartney View Post
    @SkinQueen11 search my thread i did a post years back on how to wean off hq and maintain ur shade and loose zero shade... this method is a life saver... go to my website and you will see that thread.. even 10% hq it would be no problem to wean off lol..
    Please can you put the link of the thread you found?

    i had no problem weaning hq off and i did maintaine my skin [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]
    I found the thread, great info there! Thank you so much.

    Im already using my HQ like 2-4 days to maintain so this will be easy.

    Ant tips on how to mix my AA & KA?

    Is is it necessary to add niacinamide?

    Please can you put the link on how to woed off HQ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doricita View Post
    Please can you put the link on how to woed off HQ?
    Here you go @Doricita!!
    -Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us-

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