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    I think in looking at celebs you can see the limitations of cosmetic "enhancements." Lindsay Lohan's breasts (I read on a plastic surgery website that she had implants, at least for a while), Madonna's struggle with aging, so on and so forth. That's one reason I don't think I'll ever get anything surgical done to my face. Based on some famous faces, it seems that cosmetic surgery a) has a ways to go before its 110% safe and fool proof and b) has to be done extremely cautiously, or you'll end up with problems (Jennifer Gray, Michael Jackson, etc.).

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    No surgeon can make FAKE boobs look natural, I have seen so many boob jobs and they all look FAKE.

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    There really is no reason to judge anything about the way Lohan looks by the these or any photos. I worked as a fashion and beauty photographer for many years and freddy krueger could have done her plastic surgery but by the time I was done retouching them they would look like the most perfect pair of breast anyone has ever seen and no one could even spot my retouching....of course she also could be having the worst acne breakout known to man and in the magazine she would have the most flawless glowing skin ever. When I shot for magazines they would have me pretty much not leave anything untouched, nothing people see is real, from eye and teeth color to body, nose and face shape. I also did film and I can do pretty much all the same retouching that I did on photos to motion as just takes longer and is harder.....a lot of images we all see in motion is retouched and manipulated in this way but people just don't realize it.

    You also can't underestimate how much great lighting and make-up can make a wrinkly old hag, look amazing and flawless. This is why you can't trust red carpet photos and video, they are lit and their make-up is done in a way that blasts away wrinkles and make celebs look young and youthful. Trust me, when you see that make-up in person it looks awful, but it photographs in motion and still as amazing.....the right lighting aids in blasting away wrinkles and evening skin tone and helps hide the make-up so it looks naturally flawless.

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    Are we sure her boobs are fake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shailyn View Post
    L - LO is trending on twitter, She posed for playboy. She nailed the Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot. BUT OMG have you all seen her boobs! Her plastic surgeon is amazing! I would love for my boobs to like that ...*RANDOM OUT BURST*
    I had no idea that L-Lo had plastic surgery done. I always thought they were natural. I am a big fan of hers.

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