Reb'l fleur by Rihanna!

Thread: Reb'l fleur by Rihanna!

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    Reb'l fleur by Rihanna!

    Okay, so normally I'm not a fan of celebrity perfumes. However, one of my sorority sisters gave me Rihanna's Reb'l fluer gift set for Christmas. I wore it for the first time today at work, and I kid you not, I got exactly 10 compliments from complete strangers within one hour of arriving at work!

    This is now my new fav! What do you think of it?

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    i love it too. bought it at macy and i love love love it.

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    Love it! Rihanna is one of my favorite artist so of course I bought it when it first came out.
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    rihanna needs to pay us for promoting her product.

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    i love her fragrance

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    I got another compliment yesterday from a lady in the grocery store! She asked me what I was wearing, and When I told her, she said, "Really? I thought was Gucci!"

    This will be my fragrance until I find something that beats it. Honestly, I'm accustomed to spending good money on perfumes. I'm just blown away that this gift set that I didn't even purchase is getting more raves than my old Chanel and Dior.

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