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    Quote Originally Posted by divine brown View Post
    well some girls in Africa use stock cube to enhance their butts. That's how desperate some people are to have some.
    Stock cubes like gravy; do people inject gravy now?

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    sorry, I just had to Maatra! ...

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    i always wanted to get my booty done * starts twerking * but this had made me think twice about who really does ur procedures .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maatra View Post
    Stock cubes like gravy; do people inject gravy now?
    noooooooooo what have people come to

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    viewers discretion advised http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFM1rbwpv0k

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    OMGeez! what in the world???
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    question.... How do you... you know with a cement butt? Wouldn't it hurt the guy A LOT?

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    Ok guys I have done my but ..and I have great results I did it three times ....and my Booty is like deelishis from flavor of love ..people say nicki can't stand next to me..I'm happy with it ..helps me get alot of frree things.hey hey don't judge me i am just being real...the person who did me also did alot of celebs from white to Spanish to black..I won't name who but u would be shocked ...it is not cement...people who are getting cement in there bootys did not do research and did not get the right connections..when I hear people getting cement all this other stuff I feel bad..I say if you want a big booty do it ..that's just because I'm happy with mine ...keeping it real it changed everything about my life...don't let no one tell you what's wrong or right because your the one who goes home at night and look at your body..you do what you want..but my advice get it done by someone who has referrals ...and if there charging 600 dollars run rub run ..that's cheap....and there's no way that could be the good stuff

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