Enlarged Pores and Indents/Lines Forming!! What is going on

Thread: Enlarged Pores and Indents/Lines Forming!! What is going on

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    Enlarged Pores and Indents/Lines Forming!! What is going on

    Does rosacea usually enlarge the pores on the face? My pores on my cheeks and forehead are huge right now. They only seem to close up when I use a drying soap. These areas get so oily too. And they are also quite pink and not normal skin color. I have been getting lines in these areas because the skin seems so odd and looks so porous and delicate almost. I am getting these indents an lines in the areas of very porous oily skin. Does anyone else have this happening to them? These lines and indents are freaking me out and I don't know how to stop them. I have two now that just never went away.

    My skin stings sometimes. I feel these light pangs like pricking needles on my face sometimes and it freaks me out too.

    I've got little tiny bumps all over my face and two red patches on the ride side of my face as well. I look horrible and uneven.

    He gave me permethrin which helped a little, but not enough.

    I don't know how to help myself. and get my skin back to looking NORMAL and healthy. It looks so porous, bumpy, red/pink in random areas and so oily in the t zone area. And these lines and porous indents are so strange. I am not sure if they are burrows from the mites or if they are happening because the collagen has been compromised or from inflammation of the skin. *Edit by Mod*

    Does anyone have any ideas or similar experience with their skin??

    If anyone wants to see pics, I will definitely post some links to pics of my skin.

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    This is not my skin but resembles what's on my face very much. This woman had lasers on her face and chemical peels which she beleives caused this. I have had neither. I have only had a glycolic peel along with a facial ONCE in my life. I did happen to get it a month or two before my skin became severely red and bumpy and horrible. Before that, i was exfoliating with sea salt and lemon juice. And had tried Duac acne gel from my derm, which after an hour of application, created lighter bleached spots on my skin and the redness and horrible skin texture slowly spread around the lighter areas....

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    What is your skincare routine at present please - including products you don't use daily, shaving and prescription stuff? *Edit by Mod*

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    Try washing your face with borax and apply tea tree oil before bedtime. Dilute tea tree as it can irritate if put on your face at full concentration. You might get worse before u get better but its worth a try. I'm also drinking acv three times a day in water. These mites are terrible. Also wash your sheets often and chane uour pillowcase every night.

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