Anyone have Nail Psoriasis?

Thread: Anyone have Nail Psoriasis?

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    Anyone have Nail Psoriasis?

    I would love to hear from members if they've suffered from problem nails and/or have had serious issues from psoriasis on their nails.

    I'm having problems getting mine to behave properly lately, and I believe it stems from my having had psoriasis in them in my youth. I lost most of my nails from it and, after treating it- the psoriasis went into remission. Lately, though, they are breaking far too easily and having other issues (which remind me of what they did a long time ago), so I'm trying to treat them like they have psoriasis again.

    But, I'm not sure this is what they need.

    They have been breaking easily and usually always split (horizontally, and in the mid-section which takes forever to grow out!). They also occassionally peel. My toes are the worst by being very thick (on the last 2 on each foot).

    Anyone have any luck treating these problems on nails and do you think they were related to psoriasis?

    When I was a kid, I had psoriasis in my nails and did get it to go into remission. Then, it came out again (in other areas) as a young adult, and went into remission again. Now - possibly, the nails are acting up again?

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    Visit your doctor and I'd advice you to take supplements .. you know the hair, skin and nail supplements; take biotin it help me a lot with my nails because I used to have thin nails that took too long to grow and after taking biotin my nails are perfect and I cut them every week..

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    I have psoriasis on my scalp, a little on my arms and torso, in addition to my nails.

    What I found works with Nail psoriasis is religiously taking Fish oil, and believe it or not a good Pro-biotic. I started taking a pro-biotic for stomach issues, and noticed my nails were much healthier, grew faster, and did not have as many, if any, "pits" and ridges in them.

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    dermatoloogists also do laser treatment for fingernails that have psoriasis. i have it bad on my back. i went 3 x a week for over a 6 week period and my back cleared really good. i had to stop because of money but i was 98% clear. my back is just now starting to show some signs of psoriasis but nothing like before. just wanted to let you know that there is medical help now.

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