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Thread: Where can I buy ZInc Oxide powder?

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    ^ I just found Dempeaux recipe yesterday. Seems very antioxidant rich and natural~
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    I just found that recipe also!! I love the concept of being an all in one moisturizer as well. I'd love to sub something else for the Sea Emollient because of the phenoxyethanol. I don't love that preservative! But I'd love to put in a different antioxidant. I'm also not sure about polysorbate 80, I don't know anything about it so I'd like to look it up. But I love it as a base recipe to tweak here and there!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by constellation View Post
    Thanks for this ^^ constellation. Was this recently added?? I don't remember seeing zinc on their site before. Either way, thank you!!
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    I'm curious, how much ZnO you guys (in average) use for 1 application?

    Like, if a batch of DIY sunscreen with (say) 15 grams of ZnO lasts for 2 months with one application/day, that'd make 1 application > 15g / 60application = 0.25g per application. Yes, this is me worrying if I use the correct/ sufficient dosage at all.
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    Regia, isn't it easier to consider what % of ZnO you make your sunscreen?

    For example, I make SS with 25% ZnO by weight. So if I use 15 g of ZnO, I would use 45 g of the lotion ingredients. This would yield a total of about 2 oz, which would never last me 2 months! I go through a lot of SS.

    But as long as you're making 25% SS and reapply every few hours if you're out in the sun, you should be well protected!

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    @Iamme I was/am concerned about the viscosity of my solvent/moisturizer and about small batches (since I've yet to find a serviceable lotion with built in preservatives). Like, if I make a 20gram batch, how long should it last me? I thought by figuring the ZnO weight per usage would save me the concern of solvent/ percentage because the amount of Zinc on my face would be the same. (.. does it even work that way?)

    Oh BTW, I attempted making a single batch this morning with 0.2g ZnO for one -just face- application, and it was very whitecasty.
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    Regia, 20 g would last me about 2 weeks for my face since the proper usage is about 1/4 - 1/3 tsp. But I make more than that each time, because I also use it on my neck and decolletage along with my hands and arms every day.

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    i thought the zinc from essential depot is "nano" isnt that not good?

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    @lifesaturtle the studies/ findings are all over the place about the safety of nano zinc oxide. The place I buy from now sells nano (40nm) ZnO though, and the prospect of more 'cosmetically elegant' sunscreen is always welcomed. I'm thinking of mixing the nano with the micronized for better protection/ wider spectrum and ordering some (must be more careful when formulating so not to inhale it however)~

    Oh. My last post in this thread was over a year ago. Reporting that DIY sunscreen changed my life, pretty much (well, my skin, but close enough). Thankyou SCT!
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