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    Apply coconut oil gently to the portion of eczema,or Mixture of 1 tbls of turmeric powder with bitter neem leaves juice applied to the affected area.This is very effective remedy for eczema.

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    There is no known cure for Eczema,
    I suggest seeing a Naturopath for help.

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    When I went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with Eczema, I was instructed to us Cetaphil cream (not lotion) immediately after showers and prescribed corticosteroids. I try to limit the use of the corticosteroids in order to avoid thinning of the skin, but just enough to manage the disease. Cetaphil, however, only exacerbated my condition by making my skin itchier than normal.

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    Has anybody heard about the Buteyko breathing method? I was sent this link about also check out the introduction video any comments or suggestions would be appreciated - many thanks Bill

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    My aunt has really bad eczema on her arms :{ She's tried everything, and on vacation we stumbled an all natural product in a health food store called Boo Boo Serum. Its a blend of organic ingredients. My aunt found great relief the first day. While it didn't completely heal her condition, it softened the skin, and stopped the intense itching. It's made me a believer of natural products. It works on other skin conditions too, like I cut my finger fishing, and it healed quick!

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    Try emu oil for eczema this should help

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    Emu oil is good stuff and expensive

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    Not sure if mine is eczema or psoriasis, but I put hydrocortisone on it when I get it in the summer months

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    What do you guys use to control your eczema? I have a mild form of eczema on my hand. For some reason my rash comes and goes but lately it has become pretty bad.

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    Great post thanks for sharing right now I am trying to figure out if its eczema I got I never had this before but I when to see my dermo and she say she suspect it could be. I couldn't believe you can all of a sudden get eczema just like that but I am having some of the symptoms I read about mess up skin up so bad a few months with all the inching especially my body but good for me I bounce back quickly because I take a lot of vitamins the sad part of this all thing is I hate to believe that its the lactic acid that's irritating me I been using this for year with wonderful result but I got the new 90 percent from lotion crafter and formulating with that I try at low 12 percent but that cause a slight burning so I use ever lower still the same thing so I am thinking now is it possible that a acid can cause eczema?

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