Psoriasis help?
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Thread: Psoriasis help?

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    Psoriasis help?

    I've had psoriasis for a pretty long time now, any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

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    I have had psoriasis for over 2 years now. it started out small patches of itchy dry skin that of course i scratched then i got larger areas. i think if i could keep my fingers off of them i would be okay. i have used prescription topical creams and ointments. since the weather is getting nice here now i have been sunning the parts i can. i think the sun does better than any medicine. if you can find a way to totally get rid of it i would love to hear from you.

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    I've heard that tanning helps, but I don't want to damage my skin either. Right now I'm using Locobase Repair for extra dry skin. It contains:

    Petrolatum, Aqua, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Sorbitan Oleate, Carnauba, Cholesterol, Ceramide 3, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Carbomer and Tromethamine.

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    My mum suffers from psoriasis too. Her doctor advised her to apply seawater over the affected parts as seawater is beneficial in curing psoriasis. Another good home remedy is to apply pure aloe vera gel or cucumber cream.
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    i have Psoriasis =( its in a weird place i dnt even know how it started .. i feel if i can keep my hands off it too it would go away. iv tried so hard. its harder then quitting cigarettes. i have no idea about Psoriasis, iv been in wondering mode for some months about it.......

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    Hi Guys,

    My recent research into the treatment of psoriasis has led me to 2 produts that seem to be helping people worldwide.

    1. Emu Oil, either use the oil in it's pure form and/or take the capsules.

    2. Doo Gro Hair Growth Stimulant. Not specifically for psoriasis, but there is a video on You Tube that you guys should check out for more info, called "Psoriasis Cure" this lady explains about the benefits of Doo Gro.

    The things is, i live in South Africa and i cant get a hold of Doo Gro, except through, cos its a product in the US.

    I have managed to find a place here that sells Emu oil and will be purchasing it very soon.

    Remember, i havent physically tried these products out yet, will be posting some results when i do get a hold of them. But i suggest, you guys check these products and testimonials out on the net, as anyone who suffers with this skin condition will welcome some sort of relief.

    Keep a positive mind when trying out any product, half the battle is won when you believe in what you are doing.

    All the best.

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    My brother has psoriasis. He has been very badly affected at times. He goes to a renown specialist and has been given good help. They do give artificial sun therapy a bit like sunbeds but with the UV radiation and stronger than regular tanning salons. They also give tar treatments that work for some, very messy stuff, and I don't know if I can recommend them.

    However I believe in getting some sun exposure every day when we can, just not face, neck and hands.

    What helped my brother considerably has been omega 3 supplements in form of hemp oil, fish oils and vegetable oil blends. Sea weed supplements (from the ocean, not fresh water) makes a big difference, some are better than others. Carrot seed essential oil helps together with lavender and german camomile. You can take baths in sea salt, salt from the Dead Sea is suppose to be especially good, and it's available from health food stores and other places.

    Sweets, artificial ascorbic acid, spices, citrus fruits and too much wheat agrivate out-brakes, as do stress and lack of sleep.

    The specialist my brother goes is an old man that have worked and researched psoriasis
    a life time, and he insist there is a strong link between smoking and psoriasis. It's a major factor and it helps a lot to quit.

    If you go for natural skin care items I would recommend hemp oil (could be in a blend), almond oil, essential oils of carrot seed, lavender, german chamomile and kelp bio ferment. In the long run this is much better for you than the cortisone creams from the doctor, but cortisone is effective.

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    Hi, I've had psoriasis for about 17 years now. The triggers that make things worse are different for everyone. Mine flairs up mainly from stress, and I have found by trying to stay relaxed and mellow that my skin calms down a lot. Mainly, I have used prescription corticosteroid creams for 15 years with no ill side effects. They can be terribly expensive in the US, but I found it was worth it, as using even a small amount twice a week to make the tube last longer really helped keep my skin less irritated and much less itchy. It helps to alternate the prescribed medications with Cetaphil moisturizing cream. You can buy the Cetaphil cream over the counter and it is what most US dermos recommend for psoriasis and eczema and other skin problems, as it has no perfumes or dyes. It's worth using sensitive skin laundry detergents and Cetaphil soap, as well, and avoid perfumed lotions and bubble baths and soaps. All of those things irritate sensitive skin and can cause more itching and discomfort.

    It is always good to get some sun, but definitely don't overdo! Skin cancer is far worse than psoriasis could ever be. It just isn't worth it. And I have found that the sun doesn't really help me as much as other people, so there again, it is different for everyone. Good luck and try not to pick or scratch, that never helps anything.

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