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Thread: any indian bengali or pakistani member????

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    My skin type is combination. But my original shade tbh i dont even knownwhat it is myself. All i know is i was born white / fair and now im tan like jennifer lopez. And i live and was born in the united states. My parents are pakistani tho.

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    @DanyJamez U live in the US ? Wow. You get the best product availability mate. No need to pay extra duty or struck with local suppliers here. Just buy Fade peel from MUAC , Burnout Eco sunscreen , Kojie San Soap, 10% Vitamin C serum and thts all for your face and your tanned areas. You will do fine
    I'm not dark, just Melanin-Rich Hidden Content

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    good to see some people here again. I am going through peeling regime on my face and back with 70% GA acid and done 6-8 times a week but didnt see any noticeable change. M i ready for TCA peel.

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    Back after ages, was quickly browsing through the posts , will make a post soon enough regarding my skin lightening regime.

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    I want to buy beta arbutin powder. I have a source from Indiamart and he has quoted Rs.12K per Kg. One kg is the minimum quantity for buying there. I only need 200-300 gms. that should be enough to make 3 liters of high concentration lotion.
    So I want to split it 3 or 4 ways. Anyone interested in sharing it? I don't mind it if one of you organises and buys it, I'll pay for my portion.

    Its super easy to use this powder for lightening. Simply mixing it into a lotion will do. At 10% it should be very effective.

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    Hi guys does anyone know what this Indian actress foundation shade in mac would be and her undertone? (Photo inserted below)
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    Smile tablet brand name plz??

    Quote Originally Posted by prettypink123 View Post
    anybody aware of Coq10? i was prescribed for this medicine along with ALA for some health reasons. after taking this at 200mg each per day for about one month i saw tremendous results in skin. it lightened 3 shades with even skin tone. The best part was not just lightening, also younger skin.
    But was scared to continue without proper guidance..pls help..
    tablet name plz???

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