any indian bengali or pakistani member????
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Thread: any indian bengali or pakistani member????

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    any indian bengali or pakistani member????

    whats your daily routain to make yur skin lighter since we should have smliar skin color /tone maybe yuh guys can help!!!!!

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    I also need these Answer

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    I am from India and a member here for more than a year. happy to help you guys, please post your queries here.

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    I am from India too

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    Okay im from bangladesh... whats yur daily routine for skin lghtening?

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    Rajesh hello.. i am bangali nd i really want to lighten my skin color about 4-5 shades...Have yuh reached yur goal in skinlightening please write down yur experince and the products yuh useed?? post yur pics of yur axxomplishments if possible =] please try helping me.. i am i newbee in skin lightening

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    For Indian Skin, the first thing I noticed was "nothing" works for the first 6 months. I have tried from Megatoner to Melaglow, but you need hell a lot of patience. And supplements like NAC, ALA, Omega 3 and OPC helps me a lot. I lightened almost 10 shades after 6 months of trial and error. For the fellow members I strongly recommend

    1. LACTIC Acid Peels once a week for 2 to 3 months, but use Moisturisers like LOREAL HYDRAFRESH or Aromamagic Almond Lotion
    2. then continue with Retian-A alternative nights, you can even try Melacare Forte for two months
    3. The above two steps prepare your skin for lightening, then I use KOJIC ACID for Body and Megatoner for face for another 4 months
    4. In 6-8 months you will get the goal color, then continue with Vitamin C lotion for face with sunscreen

    For me Natural lighteners like Arbutin, Licorice, Mulberry never works. Also chemical Sunscreens like Nutrogena, Olay never works, The only sunscreens work for me is zinc oxide based SHISEIDO and OSMOSIS. If you are a female I recommend SHISEIDO with Hydrafresh, for male OSMOSIS is better.

    I tried each and every cream available in Indian market and it cost me almost some lakhs and a year time. Dont waste your money on any stupid products from FABINDIA, NUTROGENA, FAIR & LOVELY, LAKME, VLCC, SHANAZ.

    I recommend AROMA MAGIC, H2O, VOTRE and LOREAL. Dont forget your Retin-A, start with 0.25%, I RECOMMEND "A-Ret" gel from Shalaks. Also dont forget your supplements, Don't import any supplement, you will get all the necessary supplements like NAC, ALA, CoQ10, OPC, ASTAXANTHIN and all Vitamins in the nearest medical shop itself. Let me know if you need any help finding them.

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    Thank yuh soooooo much this info was very helpful!!!!what was the color of yur skin yuh started off with? cuz i am light brown..not really but i have a yellowiish tone =[ which i hate!!!
    Okay so where do i get the lactic acid peel and can i use it all over my body(becuxe i am focusing to lighten my body more than my face)? nd what is the side effect to this lactic peel? i am 18 years old is it okay of i use the lactic acid

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    Where are u in india ?
    And what strength of LA peels do u use ?
    Does megatoner contains HQ ? if yes what is the % ??
    How do u do SAP in India ? very hard...
    And how do u make up the sweat !!

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    I am started with Medium Brown color like Rajinikanth color and ended with yellow like KAMALHASAN color, then I managed to get Pink color like MAMMOOTTY now with Beta carotien.

    I tried LA peel from 40% to 60%. Start with 20% then gradually increase based on your skin tolerance. You can mix LA with some hand cream for body.

    If you are 18 years old female, I wont recommend using heavy acids on your face, but you can start with supplements now. Get a medical checkup for Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium and Vitmain B12 levels and then regulate your supplements based on that. If you dont like yellow tone avoid Vitamin C lotion and C supplements. Instead of LOREAL HYDRAFRESH moisturizer try LOREAL PEARL PERFECT ROSY FAIRNESS cream. You may consider Beta carotien drinks too.

    Megatoner doesnt contains HQ as for as I know, If you need immediate result, then use Megatoner. otherwise 4% HQ is enough with Kojie San soap.

    What is SAP?

    Sweat is not at all a problem for me as I wont roam much. Avoid chemical sunscreens and you will be alright.

    If you guys need any more help, please let me know your current regimen, then I will try to regulate if possible,

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