THIS WORKED for me!!!

Thread: THIS WORKED for me!!!

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    THIS WORKED for me!!!

    I am new to Skin Care Talk.
    But I feel the need to share my experience with eczema

    Cut the story short.... ACV worked for me!


    I got the biggest one at the store for the money, so no expensive stuff here!

    I had eczema on the folds of my arm and on the back of my legs.

    I topically put acv on once a day and let it "sink" into my skin.

    I also was able to drink it once in each morning by mixing it with a little apple juice and water.

    The trick is to only add 1-2 Tablespoons of ACV and a small amount of COLD apple juice and water.


    This is the only thing I changed. Did not change my diet at all. I do not drink a lot water. (I know its bad)

    I did not think it would work, so I did not track my progress with pictures.

    It is BEST to take it internally and topically.


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    I thank you profoundly.

    I have been suffering from eczema on and off for ever. Depends on its mood alongside with the weather. Will be heading out to Walmart tomorrow!

    Do you think mixing the acv with maybe the eucerin lotion would be okay?

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    Thanks much. Is coconut milk OK to use as well in place of the oils?

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    black soap has helped me a lot, especially the piona black soap.

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