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Thread: Does anyone have phyriosis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexi2009 View Post
    Point well taken Mirecka! I misunderstood your post and felt a bit bad for Shell! But yes, I was very baffled by phyriosis as I thought after years in school I had remembered almost everything but that one went past me--and yes as is said in UK--led me up a path. BUT we did get the actual which is good and we did learn to ask people to check spelling when we do not recognise something!
    Yes - I am sure that you will agree that in health care a mispelled word or a misplaced decimal point can be a disaster.

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    Very true!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shell83 View Post
    Ive had phyriosis for a few year now,An have tried soo many treatments from my specialist,Nothing seems to work..I am unsure what treatments to try next can anybody help me?
    Do you mean Psoriasis?? this is an overgrowth of skin cells and forms big red itchy sores all over the body. My friend has it and it is a nightmare to treat, for her , as she has mental problems and cannot use some treatments which are out there. I heard of a new (to me) oil the other day from India. It is called NEEM Oil. If you google it it will tell you all about it. My friend has had the UV treatment in the light box, which was amazing for her. It really helped at the time. Sadly you can only have the one full treatment once a year, because it would be too dangerous otherwise. It completely cleared it all from her body, arms, legs, and her head too. Do look up this NEEM product. You can also try tea tree oil well diluted, like 2 drops of oil in a litre of warm water, for the itch. I also read somewhere, that bathing with a medicated shampoo in the bath stopped the itch. I do hope this helps you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margo View Post
    Do you mean Psoriasis??
    Yes - she does; in post #7 she realized that she mispelled the word. Go back and read it - it was a real rabbit trail until then.

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    I have had psoriasis for years. I first got them when I was pregnant with my son. My doctor prescribes tazorac and it works really well if you use it daily. It dries out your skin but a good lotion helps with that.

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    I real am desparate abt my skin problem and would like to know as and how can i cope with the problem?

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