Sure White Toning Hydrating Body Lotion vs. Sure White Lightening Body Lotion
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Thread: Sure White Toning Hydrating Body Lotion vs. Sure White Lightening Body Lotion

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    Sure White Toning Hydrating Body Lotion vs. Sure White Lightening Body Lotion

    Which one is the "real one" ? and which not? Any experiences with them? Why are people swearing by this range ? A friend of mine told me she uses it and get already 5-6 shades more. I've also noticed a big [SIZE]4[/SIZE]difference in her tone. So I've tried the Sure Withe Toning Hydrating Lotion 3 weeks and became really dark than before. Was is the fake one?

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    your wearing sun block? . iv only used there toneing gel. which i love =]

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    Hell I used it all it all work very good boom!

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    HoustonGuy21, no I was not wearing any sunblock at all. I' ve just mixed it with the sure white serum together. Yeeees for me also the sure white gel did a great job and i love it. Hi Kordaine coud u pls tell me how are u use the sure white Lotion? Because I don't understand why I become darker

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    Well honey boo boo I use sure white gel and bleaching cream the toning gel work gr8 I mix it in my hand but it works like carotien and its other stuff like serum and gels and milk protein and its gel and creams but remember it has aha and it exfoliates u. So going in the sun with out sunscreen u will get dark. With any lighting product u have to use sunscreen. I dont use the lotion at all but sure white and all the others are good natural lighting product.

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    Thats rule number one!!! to wear sunblock. when you use lighting ingredients .your skin is so much more sensitive to the sun which will make you dark if you dont protect your self with sunblock!!!. i use spf 50 on face. and spf 100 from neutrogena on my body.

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    5-6 shades from Sure White lotion alone?? Nah sounds like ur friend ain't telling u her full regime, more than likely she's mixing it with something else. U also need to use sunblock once ur going outside.

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    I don't do the lotion I must have mist the 5 -6 shades part dam if the lotion doing that I need to throw this other ish in the trash. LMBO. Ooooooooooh k

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    Yes I know she doesn't tell me all the true of her regimen. Thank you for your replies guys.-)

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