I really need some help with my skin care (Really sensitive, dry and acne prone) :(

Thread: I really need some help with my skin care (Really sensitive, dry and acne prone) :(

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    I really need some help with my skin care (Really sensitive, dry and acne prone) :(

    Hey. I really need help with my skincare. For along time i didnt look after my skin very well mainly because doing anything to it seems to make it feel itchy, stingy or make it go slightly red. But over the past month or two ive started completely from scratch and cleansing my face and moisturising morning and night. After about the first week i started to come out in more and more spots. So i heard you coud apply lavender oil straight to the spots and it hasnt cleared them and i still have them a few weeks on! Some of them arent lumps anymore but its as if i have blood blisters now where my spot was! The rest arent healing! Before when i didnt do anything with my skin i wouldnt get this many spots.

    What am i doing wrong? I used a night cream morning and night and i thought maybe thats causing the problem so i only use it undr my eyes now and ive applied coconut oil to the rest of my face instead. But my spots are still not healing!! They must have been on my face a good few week now. Do you think when the skins irritated it makes more spots grow? I have never had this many in my life!

    I also apply an all natural sunscreen each day too before applying makeup. But thats not everyday as i dont go out everyday. I just dont know what im doing wrong. Im trying to start looking after myself for to prevent ageing. Please someone help me

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    Hi Shufflebum!

    Do not worry about this, there are ways to adjust your skincare routine to benefit your skin and keep it healthy.

    The reason you are developing spots after adding a few new products at the same time is that you are most likely allergic to a product in there.

    What you want to do is switch to a skincare routine using just one product line because they are designed to compliment each other and not clash.

    Secondly, you want to find a product line that is marketed toward sensitive skin. This is a good idea whether you have sensitive skin or not because the skin on our face is thinner than on the rest of our body, so naturally it actually is more sensitive.

    Aveeno is a great option for you to start off with. It's affordable, it's made out of natural soothing ingredients, and it's hypoallergenic. Another plus is that the day cream has sunscreen.

    You'll want the facial cleanser, day cream, and night cream. Night cream is a little thicker and designed to give you maximum moisture overnight. Don't overdo it and slather it on. A dollop will do you.

    Keep in mind that it'll take a few weeks to see maximum results.

    Aside from the topical treatments, please make sure you are drinking water. If you get thirsty it means you've already gone too long without water.

    For your lips, find a moisturizing lip balm with shea butter, Eos is fantastic!

    Lastly, if you notice that your allergic reaction has left dark spots on your skin and you want to get rid of them then look into getting yourself a good natural lightening cream. Make sure that it DOES NOT contain hydroquinone though because that can make the spots on your skin even darker.

    This is a great article for you to read for more information on the best ways to take care of dry skin: http://www.squidoo.com/dry-skin-your-new-skincare-routine

    I hope this helped!

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