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Thread: Post your before and afters if you dare

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    How do I post on here please help
    Quote Originally Posted by Azgg View Post
    Wasn't there a gallery option in the thread to see pics in the past?
    yes I wish they’d bring that back! @gymrat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Softskin7 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoLite View Post
    Wow that's impressive, Softskin7! All That in 6 months... Awesome job.
    Thanks but I actually got past my goal in like two months and a half, had to stop because I couldnt find any more caro white lotions in the local BSS!!

    Naw! , just kidding...

    but Real talk here,,,,,,,,,after 2 and a half months of Carolight lotion, oil, and skin light mix, dudu osun soap daily, and lactic acid lotion for exfoliation once daily, I did reach my goal and stop the carowhite for good,

    Now iam maintaining with Aha creams, Maxi white serum, and for exfoliation lactic acid and dudu osun soap. I have naturally thin soft skin so exfoliation did make my mixture work best, and I only use once daily. That is my regimen.
    Did you use the Caro white lotion or the cream in the jar? Awesome freakin results well done

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    Aw I miss this thread Wish there was a feature that let us view all the photos at once
    Carmel Skin Bby

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    So who's posting pics now? Its been a while.
    Face: Kojie San
    Body: G&G lotion, Clinic Clear lotion, Carotone BSC Serum, G&G oil
    Soap: Dead Sea Salt and Clear Essence Aha and Kojie San (Face)

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    Me at my most tan w/ bronzer and makeup vs a year later w/out makeup at all.
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    @Thinkerbelle ,
    your results are great what have you been using. It looks really natural on you

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    Nice result thinkerbelle

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    Quote Originally Posted by samtash0 View Post
    @Thinkerbelle ,
    your results are great what have you been using. It looks really natural on you
    Quote Originally Posted by lollybabe View Post
    Nice result thinkerbelle
    Thanks ya’ll!
    I hid from the sun for an entire year and took vit d3, vit C, collagen peptide powder pretty consistently. The supplements I wasn’t too consistent with but also took were msm, hyaluronic acid, L-Gluta pills and gluta iv(had a package for 6 treatments) then went to Nebulizing 2000mg a day same as the other methods for about a week.
    Skincare care routine started out with alternating Kojic San soap and Paulas Choice hydrating cleansers also used their 10% niacinimide, vit c serum, BHA 2%, AHA 8%, hydrating toner, hyaluronic acid, hydrating mask(overnight) for face and their aha/bha body lotions, daily replenishing w/ drops of niacinimide, glycerin, carrot oils. Did all that for months the game changer was after I started doing weekly peels with lactic and mandelic acid both 40% from Makeupartistchoice. I also very sparingly used Caro White jar and oil on my forehead and hyperpigmentation around my mouth ONCE after washing with KA got bright red and started seeing lightening in those areas so I stopped. Waited a week then started with lactic acid and mandelic peels. The other notable quality product I used was snail mucin from cosRx.

    Sunscreens were from Paulas Choice, la roche posay and Ocean potion.

    Oil cleanse with Abolene to take off makeup always.

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    Was gonna ask what are you guys using on your privates/nether regions but guess that's too personal?

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