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Thread: New here, need friends, sick of this melasma :-(

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    Hi ian25 and danicamom, this site has been a real god send to me!!, its nice to hear from other people who know what we are going through and how hard it is, there is so much good advice and lovely people on here so welcome Well people i got a letter from the derm today recommending the eucerin even brighter night cream for my upper lip, she even sent a mini free sample lol I'm sure she must be a rep for them on the side!! So I've been to boots bought the cream she said and also a pigment reducing spot corrector I'm starting this new regime tonight, I use my normal clean and clear face wash the spot corrector then the cream, I have to wait 3months before I will see any kind of difference, il have to put my vitamin c serum to the side for now, even though it didn't make my melasma any lighter my skin overall felt really good for using so i would recommend it for that if nothing else! Hope everyone is well and dealing with this blazing sun and heat the best we all can xx

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    165 can still use the vitC serum, clean face put vitC on and let it dry for 20-30 mins then put the other products on. See how it goes, if you get any irritation or extreme redness then stop using the vit c. If you still get redness/irritation then it's the new products, give it a couple of weeks then introduce the vitC gradually.....once a week, twice a week etc till you are using it daily x
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    Ah thanks everyone for your support. Am just bit peed off today with it all. I dread waking up and studying my face for changes, and am just so fed up always thinking about it and my skin is just so dry still so am tending to do one night on one night off to build up tolerance with the RA and am smothering my face with Vaseline just so it doesn't hurt when I smile, laugh, talk, cry!!!!!dont know if this is counter productive but have had to put some moisture back in before my wrinkles have wrinkles! Arghhh!! Yeah I know you're all right and I am determined to persevere because this really does rule my life and I need to take back control, gain some self esteem and remember what it was like before the M word entered my vocabulary!! Roll on winter!!!!!!!!!! Lol! x

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    Ceb13 Hi, can you keep us update with the eucerin? Is it just on normal shelving in boots?

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    Daisyflower 1 Yes it was just in the normal shelves no prescription, the derm said they also do a day cream with a sunblock but my sun block is good so carry on using that, she said i suggest you get the night cream and start using it every evening, if after a few days it is not causing irritation then a apply it twice a would be be best to apply first thing in the morning at last half an hour before sunblock. So that's what I've done except I've started on twice before waiting to see if theres irritation, the woman in boots said its great stuff so hopefully with the eucerin pigment spot corrector as well I can lighten this dreaded moustache on my face !! We keep u all updated xx

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    Thanks jojo1 for the advice on the vit c, im going to give that a go as the vit c has made improvements to my general skin quality, il have to start getting up a hour early just for my skin routine! Xx

  9. #297 sorry you are feeling so down - PLEASE don't give up!!! I'm wondering if you're allowed to wash your face in something like hydromol ointment? I mean it might be totally NOT allowed, but just trying to think of something to give you some comfort. The first time I peeled SO badly from RA, I TOTALLY freaked out & my face went mega dry & red, it was horrific. Contacted the derm & he said to immediately wash with hydromol, said it is what they always use in the hospital. It comes in a tub, the kind I is a solid. You scoop a small bit out, mix with a little water in your hands & rub into your face. I let it sit for a while & then rinse...kind of leaves a film, but is so soothing. It doesn't react with anything, doesn't worsen acne, there's nothing in it. I also use it if I flare after a peel - ALWAYS soothes any redness. Just thought I'd mention but like I say may be totally out of bounds! x

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    Hello I'm MaryJoe. I gotta say you all are the bravest, most courageous group of people. Reading your posts I can feel your hope and your fight I recently developed melasma...this March. I still can't accept this. This was the time of year I would take my kids to the beach and all kinds of places. Now I have a literal panic attack just getting in my car. It's been tough. I had really clear even skin. I started with acne along my jaw. Really itchy bumps that won't come out. Then I noticed I was getting these itchy rashes on my cheeks that turned into dark marks eventually coming together to form a dark patch. one on each cheek. I was kind of ignoring it, thinking it was just some weird kind of rash, but eventually I came across my mom and just snapped. My mom has really severe melasma; always has. This is so hard. Life just hasn't been good to me. I had lymphoma and now melasma. I guess it just never gets easy. I gotta be honest. I'm losing my fight very quickly. I don't think I'm equipped to deal with this. I just want too much for my kids. I can't limit their exposure to life just becuase of this stupid condition. Every morning when I wake up, when I remember it's not some bad dream,I feel in such disbelief. How did the beautiful sun turn into such a dreadful thing? To top it all off I live in Texas and the temp her is always over 100 degrees. Super HOT! You cook just driving five minutes. I have no chance. Plus I'm allergic to something in the sunblocks. I breakout with all the ones I've tried (La Roche Posey, Devita, Elta, CeraVe). I really researched and lately I decided to just order some non nono Powder zinc oxide and just mix it into my regular moisturizer. If I break out I'll know it's the zinc. Is it normal to itch all the time? I notice I get really itchy in a spot and then I get a new brown spot. my skin has gotten seriously oily too. I'm sure it's hormonal, but I had test done and my hormones came out all within normal range. However, my cholesterol, my sodium, MCH, and Monocytes were high, and when I researched it it turns out they are all linked to low thyroid function. The doctor said my thyroid was fine when I asked him as we discussed my results...what a liar. I guess they're only concerned when it's really high or really low. Anyway I really think my adrenal glands are really exhausted and that's probably what's causing my thyroid to be sluggish.
    Ian 25-- I've been researching a lot. If the dermatologist told you it might be a fungus try taking GFS and some coconut oil. You can also try washing your hair and face with head and shoulders and apply anifungal cream to your face for an extended period of time. I read it takes a while for your face to regain it's natural pigment when it's fungal. It's worth hoping, right? I tried this for a month...My condition unfortunately is not fungal, just good ole melasma. How messed up is that? I never thought i would hope for fungus on any part of my body.ACV has lightened my patches a little, but I always break out and the breakouts are really itchy. Is it normal to be this itchy? Does melasma itch? I'm starting to feel like I'm going crazy. I avoid mirrors all look at my face and I'm crying. How life has changed from March to today. Sorry I went on and on. I hope to hear from you all soon.

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    Oh...I forgot to mention that I've never been on birth control, I have two kids (14 and 6), and I'm 34 years old. I had never had melasma before. Maybe all it takes sometimes is bad genes. This is just so painful. My husband used to tell me he loved my skin all the time, and now I know he only says I'm beautiful to comfort me

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    Hi MaryJoe88 welcome & so sorry you're feeling so bad. I had to reply because I share a lot of your issues. I also have a problem with acne along my jaw, in fact for me this was a precursor to melsama, with me very mild acne mostly along my chin & mouth & controlled with antibiotics periodically. I have melasma on upper lip first & then it's progressed to eyes, cheeks....I HATE HATE it. Retin a/azelaic acid has faded it quite a bit on upper lip but not elsewhere. I now use a higher strength retin a on other patches & I do think it's having an effect, but I've only just started here. I have done a TON of reserach & for me am convinced the problem is internal. I am told by derms...'its all hormonal' but that infuriates me as they will go no further than melasma just continues. I am currently reseraching adrenal fatigue as I seem to have a lot of symptoms. I have currently put myself on a concoction of herbs for this, from my own reserach,it's early days. I'm also on pycnogenol....I think this does help...we just keep trying, its all trial & error!

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