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Thread: New here, need friends, sick of this melasma :-(

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    Hi all I'm having a very bad day I have a new patch of what looks a lot like melasma above my eyebrow, I have only been putting the suncream on my melasma moustache and thought that would be ok, I have never had a new patch in 3 years its this dam heat!! I hope I can control this before it gets worse il start by putting the new cream i have on it and defo getting the suncream jo jo is on about. Next week is forecast 35 and now the kids have broke up for summer truly peed off x

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    Hi ceb13 It is so disheartening when you see a new patch. I would definitely advise putting the suncream on your entire face to minimise the risk of it spreading to new places. Are you still using your vit c serum? vit c is a good antioxidant so may be worthwhile putting it on for added protection.

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    Hi nikkiD1974 I had stopped using since I started the Eucerin but I'm going to start with it again, the Eucerin night cream has broke me out in spots so I'm going to just put it on my upper lip only. I need to get a better suncream as the 1 I'm currently using avene mineral leaves such a white cast i just can't get it all rubbed in to my face , that's y I have been a bit slack and only putting it on my upperlip, jojo recommends a la Roche posay I'm going to give that a go x It's really noticeable and darker i don't have much faith in the eucerin making it any better as the instructions say it treats the epidermal and although my derm didn't do a wood lamp test I'm pretty sure it's dermal , has anyone tried azeliac acid cream?? If so what strength etc and did u get any results xx

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    Hi Ceb13 I think some of the others are using the azaelic so hopefully they will be able to give some advice. I think they are also using it in combo with retin a which speeds up skin cell turnover. When are you due to go back and see the derm and how long did they suggest trying the eucerin? I think with something like eucerin or any cosmetic brands they take a lot longer to work if they are going to than something like azaelic or retin a as the ingredients are minimal. As you say, if your melasma is possibly dermal you may not see much of a difference. Its worth going back to ask about other options after youve tried the Eucerin. I wish the derms would spend more time in looking at the type of melasma and recommending the correct treatments. It seems they have just a standard approach to it all and can only recommend suncream sunhat usage - we know all that already! Its frustrating using something only to find it doesnt work or breaks you out. Whatever i put near my skin breaks me out, very annoying. The La Roche sunscreen is meant to be good so its definitely worth a try. I was using a great physical sunscreen and felt it was keeping the melasma from darkening too much however after a few applications throughout the day my face felt like it had thick syrup all over it so ive had to switch to one called DCL which contains zinc but also one chemical. I dont think its as great but it feels much better. I wish someone could produce a physical non whitening suncream that doesnt cause an oil slick on the face! Once you can get control of the melasma and get it lightened enough it will make a big difference to your self esteem. You will find something that will help to do that and then you can maintain it. I think your vit c serum is a good idea, even if it doesnt help to lighten it, it is good in the meantime to add the antioxidant benefit to your skin

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    Oh am just having another bad day so fed up with being controlled by this condition! My face looks terrible with the peeling today and my mouth and chin are so sore that I've stopped using anything there at the moment just to give it a chance to ease up. The suns out again in force here now and everyone loves it except misery guts here. The kids want to go away in august when I've got time off work but I'm just dreading booking anything especially being on this regime at the mo for fear of worsening. We are supposed to be out later for dinner with friends and I'm already panicking about facing the public with my face today. It's just destroying the person I was! Hate it!!!! Am becoming so reclusive it's ridiculous! Sorry for the moan! Ceb13... I completely feel your pain and frustration and really hope you're having a better day today. Remember there is something out there for each of us it just takes some time to work out what may or may not work for you. Stay strong and keep in touch x

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    NikkiD1974 the derm said at least 12 weeks!! That seems so long I've just got to keep going with it Esxgirl I know what u mean when u say u feel like ur becoming a recluse i was always out and about, now I just want to stay in hide away!! Xx Stay strong its so hard this proxy melasma i hate it !x

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    Hi Esxgirl

    The mouth and the chin were the worst for me too, just like a white tight beard! My cheeks never ever peeled but the melasma still lightened. The tightness and soreness will ease, once your skin adjusts a bit more to the products, you are still in the early weeks yet. It really feels like forever initially but gradually the flaking will lessen, it does take a while but it will and it sounds like the products are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. I know it's hard being out when you look that way, but try and think to hell with everyone else, you are doing something that's going to improve things for yourself. I always thought that if they were staring at my flaking face then it was no different than sitting on a beach with no makeup on and people looking at the brown splotches covering my face. Just keep thinking how much better you are going to feel once you get control of it, don't give up.I do understand about going out in the sun though, even with my melasma lighter and I really hate the fact I can't enjoy the sun like I used to. My neighbour saw me out today with the kids on our bikes and me with my face covered with my bandana and he seemed astounded at why I was wearing it. He then obviously thought I was oblivious to the fact that you could purchase suncream and started telling me about spf 50! I gave him the short version of what melasma is and left as I couldn't be bothered going into it.

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    Wow...I know people just think they are being helpful with advice, but it just takes a toll. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your kind words and advice.

    Jojo... I went to get more blood work done. I'm allergic to chicken, turkey, and crab. I eat the first two just about everyday. I also tested high for DHEA which is secreted by the adrenal glands and the adrenal glands connect to the thyroid. I guess there is a connection. DHEA is a type of androgen hormone. That kinda aeplains my new acne. Now I feel sort of stuck about what to do next. I don't want to treat with BCP or synthetic medication becuase that can hinder your body from naturally producing the chemicals. Any advice?

    I guess I'm just so lost. I read you all posts everyday and I pray for every single one of us every night. I pray that we may be strong and that we may overcome this horrible obstacle that is Melasma. I tell you guys, I actually wish the doctor had said I had cancer again. This new life with no sun is devastating. I watch my little boy in the pool with my husband and can't help but remember and at the same time hurt thinking about such different times when I would have been splashing away with him enjoying his laughter instead of panicking about all this. I just collapse and find it hard to get up most days. The itching is horrible still. My hair feels hard becuase it gets so greasy...damn hormones. I just cant shake this feeling of doom over me. I try to be optimistic, but just knowing the sun will never be the same makes everything so futile. I'm sorry...I'm just having such a terrible time with all of this. I can't sleep. I suffer from OCD and Melasma is my trigger now and I can't **** it off. Help

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    I will pray for all you guys every night and everyone on SCT. I don't have melasma but will keep you all in my prayers. Whenever I see someone dealing with melasma I always link them to this forum because I know you guys care about each other and help each other unconditionally being a emotional and knowledgable source for all. You're all in my prayers and in a matter of time things will get better

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwrn51 View Post
    I will pray for all you guys every night and everyone on SCT. I don't have melasma but will keep you all in my prayers. Whenever I see someone dealing with melasma I always link them to this forum because I know you guys care about each other and help each other unconditionally being a emotional and knowledgable source for all. You're all in my prayers and in a matter of time things will get better
    What a lovely thing for you to have said!! Thank you, I'm sure all the regulars on here will appreciate your kind words
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