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    Skin condition

    Hi im very new to this but i am in dire need to figure this out. Last Saturday i noticed i was very itchy and near my right breast closer to my underarm i have 3 bumps with like red dots in the middle i don't know where it came from it had spreaders a little but I've done so much research as to wht it could be it looks like bites marks but from what????? I scratch it all the time as it is extremely unbearable. Some people have said it looks like spider bites but it doesn't have puss so i don't think so. I've heard bed bugs and the symptoms are very close but i don't have those either. Im so confused and annoyed. I have 3 kids two i them share a bed with me and they don't seem to have any itching or bites. Im sure its not deodorant because its not under my arm and its only affected on one side. Im so frustrated with this and its hard to find a dermatologist that accepts my insurance. Please help[IMG][/IMG]

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