How I healed my melasma
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Thread: How I healed my melasma

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    How I healed my melasma

    I promised myself that if I find something that heals my melasma I will let everyone know, so here goes!
    My melasma started 3 years ago after a very traumatic period in my life.
    I've tried all the peels, lasers (stay away!!!!!) supplements, ACV and homeopathy and nothing worked, it would look a bit lighter for a week or two and then just proceed to get darker.

    Eventually I started going for acupuncture. As I was really constipated (and have been for most of my life) the acupuncturist recommended I go for a food allergy test. Turned out I have food intolerance's for dairy, egg, gluten and beef. And that it was probably caused by leaky gut. I cut out all the stuff I can't eat and the nutritionist that did the test also recommended taking Glutamine, Probiotics, Zinc and a formula called Ultrainflamex.
    It has been a month and you can almost not see the melasma anymore! I also tested positive for candida a week ago and I'm now on the candida diet...that has also made a big difference.
    I can't wait to see what it will look like in 3 months!

    It has taken me sooo long to get here, but what I've learnt along the way is that everything is connected. You can't fix this from the outside and it's best to see a professional to help you along the way.
    For me I think the biggest cause was leaky gut and candida caused by severe stress and anxiety. But that also influenced my adrenals and other hormones.
    The only way to get rid of melasma and making sure it never comes back again is healing your body from the inside, eating healthily, managing stress and taking care of yourself.

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    Hey Mary Joe!
    Hope you're feeling better, it's horrible feeling suicidal and alone!
    I'm 33 this year..:-) The melasma is still getting lighter but i know it will take some time to be gone completely, but I don't feel like I have to wear make up all the time anymore.
    For me it really has been very holistic, going for therapy and everything. I think it is equally important to heal yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. I'm still cutting out all the stuff I have an intollerance to as well as sugar. I still have dark chocolate now and again and I believe in eating right 80% of the time and being a bit more relaxed for 20%.
    I still struggle with stress and anxiety as I'm going through some difficult things still, but I meditate and do yoga which helps.
    I would also strongly reccomend reading "You can heal your life" by Louise L Hay. Learning to love yourself really is the most important thing on this journey!
    Let me know if you have any more questions!
    You will get through this, just be patient with yourself!

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    Hi Nanna. I was just wondering if you ever had blood work done for hormones and vitamin deficiency. Did anything ever point to your thyroid? I just worry. Did you get my last message. I sent it from my phone? If I reply by phone it doesn't post? Thank you so much for your time. By the way, does your melasma itch? MaryJoe

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    Hey Mary Joe!
    I only got your first message that I replied to. Did you send another one?
    I had some bloodwork done, my thyroid was fine. I never had my hormones tested. But the best would be to go and see someone that can point you in the right direction. If you stress over it it will only make it worse...:-)
    Mine never itched...? Maybe you have something else?

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    Hello again Nanna. Yes I did send you another message but I guess it didn't go through. I was wondering if you've had trouble with acne also. I didn't have acne or pigmentation and out of the blue I got a whole bunch of bumps along my jawline. Very itchy. That happened a couple of weeks after I was having night sweats. Eventually I noticed some bumps on my cheeks that just went away and left a brown spot in its place Do your spots start that way? Like a bump or an itchy rash and then turns into a brown spot or a whole bunch of them turn into one patch? I feel like I'm going crazy. My face is always hot. Is yours? On a separate note--do you eat all organic? I read the story about some cheese lady and how she's getting rid of her melasma very much like you. I also read the women to women website and I tested high for both thyroid and adrenals. I read a success story there also, but that lady changed her water system and moved to a ranch and lived off the land. How do you do it on the candida diet? Its so hard. Are you eating carbs at all? I'm very small just being off sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy. What sunblock do you use? Do u work? I used to be a special education teacher. I had a tough time getting off benzos after dealing with stress brought on by work and constant illnesses throughout my life. I miss working. Sorry if I go on and on...I just haven't spoken to anyone in a while. I really don't like to talk to my husband about it because I don't want him to look even closer at my spots. Its hard. Do you have kids? That's the worst of all of this. I have a 14 and a 6 year old who love going out. I used to be such a fun mom. I need to find a path like you. Then I need to find a good sunblock that won't clog my pores. Right now I drive around like a crazy lady with a hat and a scarf over the hat (like a tent) and huge sunglasses. I promise its not about vanity...I just can't handle how easily my face is changing. I had lymphoma and now I have a big scar on my face...slowly I came to accept it. That and after the surgery my eyes weren't as symmetrical. My eyes became dry and I needed dark glasses indoors since I was 25. Now this? So really...not vanity just disbelief. Well I hope to hear from you soon. And I hope you keep seeing great results. It gives me hope MaryJoe

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    Hey Nanna!
    I feel for you so much. I don't have kids yet, and I don't know how you do it!! My stress was marriage related and it's kinda still ongoing but I've learnt so much about looking after myself, it's actually been a blessing as well!
    I have to say your's doesn't sound like melasma at all. which may be good news as it moght be easier to get rid of. I use RAD sunblock from environ, but the sun doesn't really influence my melasma that much...yay!
    And believe me, I know it's not vanity, i used to avoid certain places and people because i just didn't want to see me like that.
    You are right you need to find your own path. We might not have the same thing, but the sooner you have it checked out the better.
    But all the stress can't be helping! I have my own bussiness which can also be really stressfull, but i trained myself to think of the best possible outcome to my problems as soon as I start getting negative. It has helped so much with my anxiety.
    I don't eat organic as it's quite expensive in South Africa,but I do eat a lot of veggies. I make green smoothies every morning and drink them through the day.
    But please go and see a dr. Your condition doesn't sound like melasma to me. I never had acne and my face also never get hot or ithcy. It's just the brown marks on my face. The longer you speculate the longer you will struggle with it. I only started seeing real improvements after going to see a nutritionist and acupuncturist. I also had the blood tests done with my dr for anemia and thyroid. The nutritionist gave me a list of supplements to take.
    If you want you can send me a private message with your email and i send you some pics?
    Or if you just want to chat!

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    Allergic to turkey, chicken, and crab. Yikes I eat the first two almost everyday. I'm still not gonna eat the stuff candida likes. Thank you Nanna for pointing me to what feels like the right direction. MaryJoe

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    Nanna, thanks for sharing this story! Your story is pretty similar to mine. My melasma started a few years ago as well, after so much stress, and I also took BC for a few months. I came across this site, in search for a cure! My melasma isn't completely gone, but what helped me as well, was the acupuncture treatments! Unfortunately, they can get expensive, but I truly hope everyone can give this a try. I am looking into getting a test done to check for candida. I go next week, and will do an update on my hormones to see how that goes.

    Did they do a blood test to test for the candida?
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    I just recently read a blog about a women that was able to completely reverse her melasma because she found she had food intolerance as well. *removed by Mod*

    I am curious, as to how long it took for you to see an improvement. Was it immediate or did it take some time?

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    This is extremely interesting! Have made an appointment with my doctor so I can be referred for allergy testing. Thank you for sharing x

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