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    I, too, afflicted with this condition, but nothing you do externally will be of great help or even permanent, unless you also address your internal terrain. I started using an herbal liver cleanse,taking Grapefruit Seed Extract (the natural citricidal kind) (liquid)
    It took only about five weeks to almost completely disappear. I believe liver spots, melasma, age spots, whatever they are called are mostly related to an internal fungal condition, which the GSE greatly treated and that is why it acted so fast. I am taking 17 drops 2 x a day on a empty stomach. Omega 3 fish oil 1000mg 2 - 2x day vitamin C 2 x a day. I called your prescription for health and talked with a homeopathic in Owings Mill, MD. phone number 1-888-794-4325 and said I was on the right track. And that people with darker skin tone are most likely to have a vitamin D deficiency and that could play a big factor in melasma. I just started vitamin D so I can’t say much about it. I’am so grateful to have found some thing that worked for me and just wanted to let every one to know so maybe it can help someone else. Read up on the Grapefruit seed extract and on vitamin D.

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    you ever tried tri-luma,it's for a hq base product..

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    Tri-luma cleared mine up with one tube! It is harsh but great product!

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    Melasama is a common disorder of unknown cause that causes dark (hyperpigmented) patches, primarily on the face. The condition is marked by brown patches that worsen in response to increase of the hormone estrogen, such as during pregnancy or with the use of birth control pills. Other medications, such as anti-seizure medications, may also cause melasma. Increased sun exposure can also be a cause.
    *Sun exposure is the major risk factor, so, always avoid it. Always use a sun block with SPF 30 or even higher.
    *Cocoa butter preparations have been used once or twice a day for a month or longer.
    *Add 20 drops of lavender oil and chamomile essential oil for a soothing effect after a sun bath.
    *Oral intake of anti oxidants has a pronounced effect. Vitamin C is a very important anti oxidant, others include Zinc, Selenium, Silicon, Magnesium etc.
    *Topical use of vitamin rich creams is recommended.
    *Fresh green leafy vegetables help to prevent pregnancy related melasma that is chloasma.

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