What can I eat??
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Thread: What can I eat??

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    What can I eat??

    I'm confused. When I google things to eat or avoid on a diet, it seems that the vast majority of things can NOT be eaten. Am I supposed to only eat baked chicken breast and turkey forever??? I know that fruits and veggies are fine but what solid, hard foods can I eat besides those two?? Wow! They say whole wheat pasta is ok but cheese is not. So what can I put on the whole wheat pasta??? Ughh! LIFE!
    I just loveeee how my skin looks! The light brown GLOW!

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    LOL dont stress a lot PBC.
    I find grilled chicken yummy I use olive oil if using oil is absolutely necessary
    Just avoid anything that's deep fried with a lot of sugars lol its going to be difficult I know - given your love for Sugar
    Cheese is fine, you should find out which one though. Anything that's too processed is not good.
    Make sure you include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Try and satisfy your sugar cravings by substituting it with fruits.
    Start reading food labels to check what goes in it to make it taste the way it does. My world turned upside down ever since I started doing this! I couldn't believe how much unnecessary stuff I was feeding my body and worse I was ignorant about it!
    Eat a fiber rich diet - it helps you feel full. Sources of fiber are veggies,fruits, oats etc.

    Solid and hard foods I couldn't figure out what you meant by that. How about you mention what you like to eat and maybe we can try to find a healthier substitute for it.
    LOL and treat yourself a day in a week don't be too hard on yourself

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    Pizza, Macaroni & Cheese, Spaghetti with Ragu sauce, Lasagna. Ughhhh I miss eating like the pig that I was back then!! Sheesh! I love how I'm drastically losing weight. Gotta keep it that way!
    I just loveeee how my skin looks! The light brown GLOW!

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    So I figured out a low calorie Macaroni recipe. Whole wheat pasta, water (no milk) and Sargento reduced fat cheese (shredded). It doesn't taste as great as regular Mac N cheese but it's cool. Would this be ok to eat throughout the day or is it calories in disguise?

    I eat it when baked chicken breast (skinless).
    I just loveeee how my skin looks! The light brown GLOW!

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    Making your fav dishes by substituting it with low fat options is great but you cant eat it throughout the day
    If you having Macaroni lets say for lunch, make sure your breakfast and dinner is super healthy.
    Dont forget to consume enough water I keep a bottle with me where ever I go so I don't forget to sip some from time to time!

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    Ok, thanks. Suppose I eat the whole wheat pasta and the chicken breast without the cheese, throughtout the day. Is whole wheat pasta fine?
    I just loveeee how my skin looks! The light brown GLOW!

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    hi girls, excuse my english ... I speak French better
    so, you can accompany your pasta with tomatoes, zucchini and parsley ... you can eat white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit and even veal) and fish.

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    you can also make pasta with cream lighten ... its very good ....

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    Cream lighten? Never heard of it but I definitely will look into that. What type of fish? I was told to stay away from Tilapia unless I catch it fishing. I don't go fishing, I buy food from stores.
    I just loveeee how my skin looks! The light brown GLOW!

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    like fish, you have salmon, cod, whiting, monkfish, hake and sole

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