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Thread: people from India let's share our lightening journey updates here

  1. #21 Go to this linked thread and read it carefully . I hope it will answer most of your questions .

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    hey anybody still here ?

    im from india atleast im not alone here ...

    great to see indian thread any of u have succeeded in ur journey

    im new here glad if u could guide me towards my skin lightening journey


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    Quote Originally Posted by zera View Post
    hi i;m 22 year old girl from india(kerala). I was using this steroid cream containing hydroquinone for like an year. My face lightened very well. Then i stoped using it cause of the side effects. But then my face turned darker and some dark spots on face too. Went to a dermatologist. Had done oxy peels 3 times. After the chemical peels my face looked a bit okay. But somehow still it messed up a bit, My face is darker than my other body parts. I tried demelan cream for a month but didn't work. Tried BAN A TAN cream still didn't work. Now using GLYCO6 mixed with KOJIVIT. But no significant change. I really want a clear and a bit fairer face!!!.

    Heard of some soaps like kojisan etc..Is it available in medical stores in india?? what am i suposed to do? please help out.. I broke up with my bf just because i don't want him to see my messed up face.. Please i'm really depressed.

    I bought retino A cream (.05%) , how to use it? and should i stop using lightening creams like kojivit when i'm using retino A cream? can i use likas papaya soap when i'm using retinoA cream??

    Hi Zera, IDK if your still on this thread? if yes, i would like to know if you had any succes in removing you hyperpigmentation. I have the exact same problem i used A ret HC which had hydroquinine and now i have this patchy discolored skin
    if you could please advice me what should i do that will be great.

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    Hi billyb2 ,

    Was ur grape seed extract a oil or serum ?
    Which soap n products do u use for whitening ?

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