Retin-A Group order from ADC

Thread: Retin-A Group order from ADC

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    Retin-A Group order from ADC

    Hello guys, is someone (from Europe) going to order products from ADC ( and also interested in group order?

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    Retin-A Group order from ADC

    count me in

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    Count me in for retin a

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    Me too. Am in Sweden

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    I'm going to be ordering no later than Wednesday (sorry) I'm afraid, so hopefully everyone can get themselves together by then. Although I will be carrying out the order, sooverjoyed is the main organiser...I think.

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    Aww i'm in the states...I would order some RA.

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    I would order! Are you just putting it on like ebay or something?
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    This belongs in the marketplace..there are already some group orders in place..this thread will be moved ...thanks
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    Did everyone receive their group order. I never received mine. PM me if you did the October 2013 group order.

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