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    I used to take glutathione (250 mg) with 500 mg of vitamin C It made me about 3 shades lighter, and made my tone more even all over than it was. However my hands and chest was wayyyy pale. However, once you stop, you go back to your original skin tone.

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    @paperplanes where did you purchase your gluthathione? I really wanna try this and see what results I get. I have 1000mg of vit c a day in a drink form

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    I gotten it at a local organic food shop in Cali. I don't think they ship overseas. Gluta is hard to find. Srs. Take C suppliments. It's more potent.

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    @paperplanes will do. Around how long did it take you to lighten 3 shades with both? I'll keep looking around somewhere has got to have it near me

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    I noticed a SLIGHT difference around 2 weeks. And then noticed a huge like BAM difference around a month and a half of continued use. (I taken it every night) Results greatly improved after taking vitamin c suppliments AND drinking (lots) of orange juice. So you can imagine how much skin would lighten. Lol.

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    vitamin c, glutathione, pycnogenol, msm and alpha lipoic acid gave me a nice glow. When the glutathione ran out, I decided it was too expensive so I stopped ordering. I took the rest and my color stayed the same. Glutathione doesn't do much for more. I feel like pycnogenol and vitamin c are like hydroquinone and alpha arbutin of vitamin supplements, while alpha lipoic acid is like the retin-a (it aids the penetration of other supplements). The glutathione is like kojic acid and msm equals the effect that licorice extract has on the skin.

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    Thanks for sharing. More gluts jets and vets are coming out to share. Makes me very confident that the choice i made is a good one.

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    luv this thread. Thanks for all the info ladies and gents,reviews are so helpful.

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    whats people thoughts on gluta soaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by kofoska View Post
    whats people thoughts on gluta soaps
    I dont think they are potent enough to show any form of lightning.

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