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    Quote Originally Posted by Donaey View Post
    I am going to get back on exfoliating and had planned on buying kojic soap for body . I have to figure out something for my face . It’s sensitive and it seems like when ever I try to lighten my face , I get raccoon eyes and my forehead remains darker than the rest of my face . It took me a long time to get my face to get uniformed .
    Sounds like you could use internal supplementation. I think that’s the most effective way to even out stubborn parts, especially the face and knuckles.
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    Silly question how much are people spending on glutathione every month and whats the best option to use? I looked up a clinic doing it but the cost just for treatment was well over $1000+

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    Yes I just started 1 injection so far and drinking lots of water will update

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    Am doing it myself cheaper that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by tearsandpain View Post
    where can i buy the injections? and are people really injecting themself?
    Yeah, but it’s best to use a friend that has medical knowledge and training to administer the IV so that you don’t do any irreversible damage.
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    Yes I agree with her to let a professional do it for you. I only started doing it myself Bc I am trained professionally

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    I would really like to know if anyone knows the effects of alcohol (including wine) and smoking on glutathione.

    Ill be be doing my own research.

    I can can give up alcohol with no issue, but I do enjoy wine because it contains antioxidants and resveratrol.

    My pms is really bad so I use cannabis for pain management.
    Bleaching ain't a hobby, it's a way of life. Hidden Content

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    I was so happy with my results last month . I don’t usually drink but i decided to go out with my friends and i drinked a lot . Few days later i lost all my results . So my advice is to give up on alcohol while you re using glutathione . Smoking i have no idea

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    You should be exfoliating anyway, what's the point of lightening if your not shedding the old dead skin?
    It'll help show results that are hidden.

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    Another very effective method (more effective than the oral tablets) is the sublingual way.
    Blood vessels under the tongue transport the drug straight into the blood system, a lot quicker and at a higher dose which is lost during the traditional way.
    You can place powder under your tongue and keep it there for at least 20 seconds until it starts to dissolve.

    IV (Best yet expensive and hard to find, hard to maintain, I don't know of any clinics that offer this so don't ask me)

    (Most practical method, 70%-90% as effective the IV route, inexpensive can be done with powder, I don't recommend the tablets as the filler and extra ingredients can irritate the rectum)

    (As effective as the rectal method, practical inexpensive, easy to maintain, you can use regular tablets or pure powder because it bypasses the stomach and digestive system and goes straight to the liver)

    Oral Method
    with (Liposomal Glutathione, said to be very effective, absorbs more than regular Glutahione, thefore reaches the bloodstream in greater quantities very quickly is coated with a chemical that can bypass the stomach acid, intestines before in reaches the liver)

    Oral Method
    with regular powder or tablets( Cheapest, least effective unless taking high doses consistently multiple times a day for a long time before effects become noticeable, tablets are unable to stay intact through the multiple systems within the body, by the time it gets to the liver it's already broken down and not as effective)

    Experiment and see what works for you.
    I've decided to do the rectal at night as the rectum is a absorption mode during the night, and do the sublingual route during the day.
    I'm using gluta powder for the rectal and normal tablets for the sublingual.
    Liposomal gGuta is too expensive to maintain monthly

    Bulk Supplements do Pure Gluta Powder
    Jarrows is the go to brand if you want the regular tablets
    Coremed Science and LipoLife are great brands if you want the Liposomal Glutathione

    They all have websites, research experiment and have fun

    P.S Before anyone asks...No I don't know how long it takes to see changes, No, I don't know how many shades you can drop and No I don't know where you can buy the IV's, I wouldn't reccomend it, go to a clinic where the health staff are trained, the risks of embolisms, infections ect outweighs the benefits.

    Just remember to be consistent and take large doses, you have to saturate the body, lightening is a SIDE effect not the main use of Gluta so you have to overflow the body, but be sensible with you dosages, anywhere from 3000mg to 9000mg a day is safe.
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