Natural ways to cognitive enhancement?

Thread: Natural ways to cognitive enhancement?

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    Natural ways to cognitive enhancement?

    I have been on the lookout of more natural ways to enhance by cognitive ability. Been reading, reading and reading a lot on the other forums that has exhaustive discussions about nootropics but still not convinced as the other side of those supplements (like piracetam) are not very well known in long term supplementation.

    Lately I don't feel that I have the mental edge I used to have. My learning capabilities aren't the same. I feel like am lost most of the time

    These are the supplements I am taking at the moment

    1) Now Special Two - multi ( I couldn't get New Chapter's multi in the place where I live)
    2) Nordic Naturals - Ultimate Omega
    3) Jarrows Formula - MSM
    4) Ester C
    5) Doctors best Saw Palmetto - to deal with the nasty after effects of quitting BCP

    I have read many threads here that CoQ10 might help with energy and mental clarity. Should I be looking at supplementing CoQ10? Are there any known side effects?

    Also, are there specific foods tat help with energy, clarity and cognitive enhancement?

    Has someone experienced great mental clarity with any of the supplements that they have tried?

    Any little help/thought would be deeply appreciated!

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    I used to take coq10. They ve done a lot of research on coq10 and gingko biloba. Good stuff for mental clarity and other things

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    Thank you! Do you guys have a suggestion for a particular brand of CoQ10 which has maximum absorption? I have also seen healthy debates of Coq10 vs Ubiquinol as far as the absorption/effectiveness is concerned.

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    Holland and Barretts

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    To be honest pretty much anything that is genuinely healthy and especially anything that detoxes will boost your cognitive abilities. Lack of mental clarity is ultimately down to toxicity. I personally saw the best results from fruits, MSM, Vitamin C, Glutathione the most. But anything that detoxes will achieve this result. Also scents, whatever works for you, I saw the most noticeable difference in peppermint oil but this should be used delicately. And it goes without saying to pay attention to your diet.

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    Thank you for the replies.. For some reason, am unable to see a difference with anything and struggling to come out of the brain fog. Have never been this way and finding it hard to be a dumbo

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    In addition to the ones mentioned, the vitamins B-12 and B-6, choline, and Vitamin D all play a huge role in memory and concentration. Fish oil pills or just eating fish have also been known to boost memory.

    Besides supplements and forms of detoxing, I've noticed exercise really helps clear my mind and keep my moods level. I am able to concentrate better and absorb more information at work if I've exercised in the morning.. rather than sleeping in or just being lazy. Don't know if it's because it has an impact on blood flow to the brain but there's lots of studies that show a positive correlation between exercise and brain function. If you don't exercise already, it might be good to start with taking regular walks outside and getting some fresh air. You will definitely notice less brain fog after!

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    Hi guys, I think from my own experience, antioxidants are very good for boost mental clarity. I'm using Pycongenol and I've found it a miracle. Also I've heard of Bacopa and Ginkgo Biloba but I haven't tried them. I'm very interested in this subject by the way

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    Drinking alkaline water has helped me feel less foggy and groggy. Definitely seen an improvement in my overall mental clarity.

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