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Thread: Ethno-rhinoplasty (and rhinoplasty in general) get in here

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    Jack, I have heard of this and it sounds appealing to me as I would like a more defined cheekbones. Can you tell me more about it and why you would like to get it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utopianbeauty View Post
    I've been toying with the idea of rhinoplasty for a while too but I can't decide whether to get it done in South Korea or wait till I'm back in the US. I'm leaning towards the US as I'll have more access to doctors who are exoerienced with ethnic noses but Korea is cheaper and the work of the surgeons are amazing.

    Yes, me too. This is why despite the positives I hear about Medical tourism, I would prefer to get rhinoplasty here in the US specifically in beverly hills or dc where do more ethnorhinoplasty.

    Gabrielle Union's nose is gorgeous but she already had a soft nose to begin with.. I have a bellpepper nose Can you name some site where can I find out more about ethno-rhinoplasty?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sol Yes, it was done very subtly. I don't really have an issue with searching African-American nose jobs, I have a problem searching ones that are similar to my nose.

    What is your nose like Sol? you said you had a high bridge? I've seen some really good nose jobs for with Asian patients where the results are nice and realistic. Where have you been able to find out more about ethnorhinoplasty for those with afro noses?


    I was thinking about getting it done in South Korea but because I see so many after pictures of people with super high bridges and barely there nostrils, I'd rather not.
    So if not South Korea, where would you get your rhinoplasty?

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    The only place my nose is a bit wide are my nostrils but I want my bridge a bit more refined (not higher). In my opinion, most of the nose jobs done in South Korea are too obvious. I email tons of plastic surgeons and search images on Google.

    I was planning on getting it done in Austin, TX; one of the first places that perfected nose jobs on non-Caucasians.

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    Texas? I never knew that I'm debating if I should save to travel somewhere else or just have it done where I live. It's going to cost 9000 already.

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    As long as the doctor's reputatable and the results are to your liking I don't see why you can't inquire and know more. Have you contact them Sol?

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    The Australian surgeons don't do a good rhinoplasty job on ethnic minorities. I've seen the after pictures and they look terrible, more pig nosed.

    That is why I want to go to asia where they are experienced with ethnic nose shapes.

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    What is your idea of a "bad nosejob" Lisapizza? Would you provide a link?

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    Nobody speak french here?! Want to have more informations about it!! Thanks

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    My french isn't the best, sorry. I understand some though.

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    You speak very good!! Did you do your nose?

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