No idea what this is...

Thread: No idea what this is...

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    No idea what this is...

    The sides of my upper body have been dry for about 4 months. That's besides this new concern. A few days ago these little red bumps started appearing on the left side of my upper body. There's only a couple on the right side. When they first appeared I thought bug bites, then herpes, then sweat dermatitis, maybe eczema, maybe an allergic reaction, don't think it's shingles. Never had chickenpox. They really don't itch. They are dry & rough feeling. I'm 27, somewhat active with safe sex, no problems in genital areas. I'm clueless.

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    I know if this was myself, I would be making an appt to see a Dr. That's the only way you will know what caused the outbreak, and hopeful get something to cure it.
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    See if you are remotely sexually active and you see anything weird on your skin run to the doctor. It doesn't matter that you are wrong each time. What matters is that you know what it is. Anyway that is speaking for myself because i am really scared of infections and stuff like that. Also there are a lot of infections you might get via fomites. Just go see a doctor please

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    I will definitely be making an appointment in the next couple of days. I know the first pic weren't very clear so I've attached a better one.

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    Looks like chicken pox to me. You say you've never had them but I think everyone is supposed to get them at least once in their lives. But yeah I would see a doctor ASAP.

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