Facial Fillers: Juvaderm, Botox, Radiesse, etc. Have you had them? Do you want them? Get in here! - Page 3
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Thread: Facial Fillers: Juvaderm, Botox, Radiesse, etc. Have you had them? Do you want them? Get in here!

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    what are nose fillers?what does that do mate?

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    A nose job with the knife. They inject fillers like near the bridge. U can return to work right after. Medical spas can do them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea View Post
    I've had fillers under my eyes and voluma in my cheeks as well as sculptra-not all at once of course. The under eye filler didn't help much and the voluma looked lumpy and unnatural. However, the sculptra was amazing and worth every penny. The results are not immediate but it builds your own collagen which looks more natural and lasts 2 years.
    Interesting. Why sculpltra over Juvederm Voluma?

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    I like the botox between the eyes and the corner of each brow for a lift, it last 4 months for me. I really like it.
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    I got Juvaderm for my nasiolabial folds. It took about 7-8 years off my face.

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    Wow! How long does it last @Fenrir ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strongerrrr View Post
    Wow! How long does it last @Fenrir ?

    A year and a half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle1 View Post
    I have been thinking about doing my lips for a year now but I am scared of duck lips too. Have some friends who got some pretty bad jobs done :S

    I would do a very small amount. Less is more

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    I just had hyaluronic acid filler injected on my under-eye area yesterday.
    My problem was that I had severe lines and dark under-eye. I'm 32 by the way. My doc used Neauvia (a Swiss brand hyaluronic acid filler).
    The procedure was quite comfortable, with minimal pain and blood because she used cannula and numbing cream.
    I really like the result, and I'll be back in two weeks to fill some more in my left under-eye, since it seems like it still needs some volumizing.
    My doc actually offers Neauvia and Juvederm, but I chose Neauvia because aside from it being cheaper, it is also made in Switzerland which I believe should be better than Korean or Chinese made filler (correct me if I'm wrong though). And my doc also told me that based on her experience, Neauvia is quite comparable to the more expensive brand fillers.
    In the next few months I plan to do chin filler and skin booster (this use the non cross-linked type hyaluronic acid).

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