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Thread: Dual Yellow Laser for melasma any good?

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    thats a good find, thanks for passing it on, I will have agood red over the wknd.

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    AFBI.. can you please link the positive reports about the laser? I would love to read them.

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    Okay, I did some digging. I called the dermatologist in Austin that has the dual Yellow laser to ask about treatment for melasma. The girl at the front desk actually laughed and said that people call from all over asking about traveling in for melasma treatment with the laser, but that it doesn't help with melasma at all. She said she has no clue why they advertise that it does, but it just doesn't work and that it is more for red marks on the face. She told me she wanted to be honest with me, so that I didn't waste my time or money. I was very disappointed to hear this.

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    miraculous, thank you very much for doing the leg work. I know myself and I am sure many others have wondered how well it works as we melasma sufferers are willing to try just about anything. Have you tried the tranexamic acid pills? I am wanting to order them but still on the fence as my melasma is very mild.

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    I ordered them, but I don't know if I will take them. I am scared to... especially because it seems there are side effects concerning vision. The studies done on side effects are all in regards to short-term usage for aid in blood clotting, so I who knows how much that risk rises with long-term use....

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