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    Melasma Moms Help!

    Well, It's summer and I can't help but feel like the worse mother in the world. I haven't even been outside and my melasma is getting worse. This is so devastating. This condition has put a hold on my whole life. But the worst part is the anxiety of being out in the sun...and worse... NOT going in the sun with my kids. I keep trying to tell myself that a few minutes won't hurt, but I know better, and I just don't know if I could handle the devastation of this getting any worse. So I ask...all of you moms out there suffering with this crippling condition, what do you do with your kids... I need ideas becuase all of this depression and feeling like such a failure as a mother feels like the end for me.

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    I understand completely how hard it is to deal with this melasma. I've had it on my upper lip for about 8 yrs now. I have 2 small kids and I use a good physical sunscreen which I reapply often. I still go outside with them and take them to parks. I'm always searching for shade!! I refuse to allow this condition to rule my life but I'm always self conscious about it. How long have you had it? There's a lot of good advice on here to try.

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    Hi Maryjoe88 I really do sympathise. I have 2 young children also and thats what i find the absolute hardest about this condition. The utter panic you feel going to the park or anywhere outdoors with them. I dread full days out as im constantly worried if i can find a decent mirror to reapply my sunscreen and concealer. I do still take my kids out, i try and balance it put by doing one day out and then one day in if possible just to give myself a breather from fretting. Im happiest in the garden as at least i can wear my face cover which is like a scarf wrapped around and big sun hat and look ridiculous without people staring!! People really have no idea the anxiety this causes us. If the melasma was just scarring that needed to be covered with makeup i would completely settle for just that but its the sun darkening it that makes it so distressing as it impacts daily life. Is there anything you have tried to help with your melasma? There are a few ladies that have tried the tranexamic acid with success, might be worth considering.

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